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Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Nothing to do with me Guv.

So, today he says it was his fault.

Interesting loss of control by Jimmy this morning. He really doesn't get that this is, as always, Peter Pederasts election stage and he's just the puppet! What a boo-boo after two years of denial, "Fair cop, Guv, it was me that let the banks rob you but I've given them lots or your dosh to cover the robbery". Typical Brown and Labour. Set up an insurance scam, claim all innocence, then use your premiums to cover the losses. Time for change?

You bet.

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  1. Snotty is beginning to prove the numpty everybody hoped he would. Rescued by SKY bias but still exposed by Pravda! We have three weeks to go and he is getting better and better as a compliment to The Tory cause. I wonder if he will make even more ridiculous gaffs?