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Wednesday, 21 April 2010

No change?

Snotty The Bully.

In this morning's Independent Labour love in, Snotty whines that he and Cleggy Clogs need to gang up on circa 35-45% of the electorate who are Conservatives. Now consider this. Labour do not govern for the Nation but power only. Which of course we always knew but now this nasty, aggressive call to bully those of us who disagree with the maniac is front page news!
I rather wonder if this blatant straw clutching will be reflected in a floating voter stampede to the victim of this bullying. It certainly promotes the "vote yellow get Brown" picture. Clegg must be mortified. He looks, opportunistically, to isolate the other two parties and the least popular and most despised of them seeks to bear hug him! The outcome may well see these two scrapping for the mid- low twenties and the Tories move back into the forties.
Whatever, there really is cause for a dash of optimism once more. As I have said many times, trust the last election result and my interpretation holds up. Certainly better than the gloating and smug third place Labour position! Bring it on!!!


  1. Oh OR I hope to God you're right. This vile creature is the most hideous thing to ever have walked the earth!

  2. Hi, TT. The Labour media grip still plugging hard for Cleggy. I really believe that their whole might via Campbell and Peter P. is attempting to sway this election. Still two weeks and two debates to go. As for the "golden wonder" the more you look the less you see!!!