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Tuesday, 20 April 2010


In The Real World!

As the election drones on the real world staggers from crisis to crisis. Today a dreadful leap in inflation has been announced with hardly a mention. The Icelanders continue their revenge on Snotty and Liebour smugly giggle at their success in pushing Clegg down our throats. Aided and abetted by a media and BBC compliance.
If there is one glaring failure by The Conservatives it was to drop their honesty about how terrible the economy and the coming years are to be. Scared not of the truth but of the spin machine of Liebour. Yet who can blame them. Constantly they are damned if they do and damned if they don't. If this electorate is so stupid as to not give the Conservatives a decent majority the last 13 years will seem to have been a walk in the park regarding;
Personal finances and debt laden poverty;
Rampant and destructive inflation;
Loss of civil liberties;
Massive tax increases, including taxes on your nice garden and view;
Re-distribution of illegal immigrants to less populated and rural communities to wreck those, having wrecked most of suburbia;
The future is possibly a yellowy brown stain on our children's world and no one seems to care.
Well, if misery and totalitarianism are the peoples' choice, so be it. I will go on protesting as long as I am allowed to before being "David Kelly" walked.


  1. I'm afraid it looks as though your hopes for a better Country are going the same was as "Lisbon".

  2. OH. For the Conservatives to get into power they need only promise a few reasonable things.

    Reverse the no smoking ban (so pubs, nightclubs, bingo halls and working mens clubs can bolster their businesses). They need only make it a voluntary ban.

    Promise faithfully to get out of the EU or at least to give us a referendum.

    Limit immigration to a figure that people understand and tell them in earnest what's going to happen to all those illegals (over a million) that are cluttering up our country.

    Kill the Nannying and Political correctness and let's all go back to being grownups again where the saying "sticks and stones" etc.. meant something.

    Bring back Grammar Schools. I came from a really poor family. My dad had just got out the army and we had no money but I got into the local girls grammar school. As a consequence, I did really well.

    Change the equality laws so that the average white man doesn't feel like whatever happens, he is now at the bottom of all priorities.

    These are things that people want to see. What they don't want to see is more Climate Change rubbish, Cameron putting in place a nice "diverse" selection of candidates for people to vote for (even if they don't want them), big society (which sounds like hitler youth).

    Camerons problem is he is trying to please everyone, except grass roots Tories.

    Any sensible business person will tell you that when you start your company, the first thing you decide is, who your target customers are.

    If you try and keep everyone happy, it will become too expensive to run and is doomed to failure.

  3. I'd support all of Sue's suggestions with one other.

    DC must stop this talk about using quangos and 'charities' as part of government.

    They are the cause of some of the problem not the solution.

  4. I forgot that one Subrosa. That's costing us billions. Did you see the express today?


  5. We seem to be travelling in the same direction. It was always on the cards that the government would try to inflate its way out of the debts. What is not appreciated is that the published rate is way short of the real rates due to the way recent indexes have been constructed.

  6. Thank you all. Sue, we see very much eye to eye. Sadly in attempting to wrestle power from Labour perception of all voters is the only way. Bliar got in this way and Snotty then ran his socialist rob everybody to pay for the feckless and themselves.