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Tuesday, 27 April 2010

The Maelstrom.

Economy, What Economy.

The terrible pachyderm haunting the hotel rooms of the election has roared in pain at the uselessness of the three main parties. Cameron should hang his head in shame that he dropped his austerity stance. Snotty should be imprisoned for false accounting and Cleggy ought to be asking how come Invincible never mentioned this apocalypse.
The classifying of Greek bonds is beyond most peoples' comprehension. It is, however, of great importance to the UK and the election outcome.
Clegg's obsessive EU love affair is a mighty dangerous one, only matched by that of Brown's socialist dream of a totalitarian Europe.
The Greek mess is not about the global collapse but the failure of The Greek government to rein in reckless spending, in an orgy of belief that The EU was too powerful to let them suffer from their profligate vote buying ways. In all things of this nature there is a domino effect. Brown and Labour have us very much in the forefront of the bricks about to topple. Whatever the failings, mistakes or personalities of The Tories, they did not nor have not got it wrong on the bailouts. History will shortly prove how bad leaving the credit card unpaid day in day out can be. Our present interest servicing is greater than the education budget! A hung Parliament will be, as warned by many, including The Tories, a Greek tragedy. Anyone who thinks otherwise are as deluded as Clegg and Snotty's cadre of incompetents.
Still, if the Greek and Euro zone situation does not wake The Brits up nothing will. No longer vote yellow get Brown. Vote yellow or red and the economy is dead!

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  1. Coming to a street near us, I'm afraid to say.