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Monday, 19 April 2010

Liberal Volcano?

Was This Just A Mad Weekend Of Passion?

I wonder if the Eyjafjallajoekull de- tumescence will mirror the tumescent popularity of Clegg's motley band of weekend revelers? Today's polls certainly show a reduction in the ardour which normally follows a brief encounter, readily assuaged physically but spoilt by the "Who are you" scrutiny in the harsh light of morning.
If Davey's woeful performance were to become common knowledge from today's debate, matched only by "bum fluffed" Millipede, then Hague's excellence is deserving of more than a "quickie".
Cameron's broadcast was also excellent. Is this to be a big indicator of the adage, "a week is a long time....". It cannot be denied Cameron has proved very resilient. He needs to be with the MSM and Labours' placement lackeys everywhere.
In the middle of an excellent Cameron address today, The BBC News 24 cut to the door of the Cabinet Office for an important "Snotty saves us from volcanoes" Adonis chat. We waited...and waited...and waited... and then cut to Downing Street for a cosy chat about sod all with Chakrabati. The Cleggy stuff was all part of this terrible control Labour have on our media. Yet still the Labour clowns are third. ( Remember The EU elections?) Perhaps they will wake up, post may 6th, in the same bed with the same unknowns as Cleggy watching Cameron quietly get about sorting the unholy mess bequeathed us all by Snotnappy.

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