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Monday, 5 April 2010

Lest We Forget.........

In The Election Scramble For Our Attention.

"The number of British servicemen who have lost limbs after being wounded in Afghanistan is rising sharply, according to official statistics seen by the Guardian. Fifty-four men lost at least one limb while serving in armed forces in the country last year – more than the total figure for the previous three years."

"Without mentioning the town by name,(Wootton Bassett) Lieutenant Colonel Matt Bazeley casts a critical eye on what he calls a pervasive culture of pessimism over the Army's campaign in Afghanistan, which he believes has been exacerbated by "the post-Diana reaction to fatalities as they are brought home", and which he says does a disservice to British forces in the country."

These two quotes above show a markedly different slant on the PR of war. Now I might be being cynical here but who is Lt.Col. Bazely to question the politics of war? Is he perhaps gaining a fondness for publicity?

I for one consider his remarks inappropriate for a serving Officer, from a position of non-debate. We all know Wootton Bassett is a big issue for Labour because of the manner it publicises the continued and growing carnage. As, of course, does the ever expanding number of paraplegic citizens. These casualties should not be hidden from the public as certain interested parties wish. The town is a focal point for grief, not a publicity vehicle for those of us who genuinely love and revere the majority of our servicemen and women. If the Colonel needs to be trotted out to make these pronouncements put him in a debate or TV studio.

I remember challenging Buffoon Hoon hoon when I attended a Question Time programme. His argument was very similar. However, both Iraq and Afghanistan are an utter mess. There is the most massive push by Al Qaeda and the Taliban all over these regions, with Pakistan again suffering. Our presence just inflames, as many warned it would, conflict, not solves it.

I say again and again, this conflict is unnecessary, expensive in lives and money and utterly futile. If troops are demoralised by this growing anger and criticism that is very unfortunate but not our fault. It is the fault of a worldwide group of cowardly political and business groupings, using these wars for their own ends. Proof, you may ask ? What more stark evidence do you need than Phony Bliar's lucrative dealings with a Kuwaiti Oil Company? Now that is demoralising. As are the deaths and killings of men women and children, to impose a society so blatantly corrupt as our own. Sorry, Lt. Col. Bazely, you are attacking the wrong people. Bring our soldiers home.


  1. Will you say the same if Cameron becomes Prime minister?
    Or more likely say screw you to the British servicemen fatalities.


  2. Matt Bazely can fuck off.

    He can grieve as he wants to grieve, and I'll grieve how I want to grieve, thank you very fucking much.

  3. Anon, I fail to see how 13 years of Labours' chants of "screw you" to the British servicemen fatalities" is anything but where we are today. Labour have persecuted two wars and at least 50% is illegal. I say "screw you" to Labour.
    Post the election, in which British Service personnel are heavily disenfranchised, I hope a Conservative Government will see sense and bring our troops home. Should they not, I will be as critical as I am now. However, let's wait and see. My post is to remind anyone passing that the election is not worthy of suppressing news of our servicemen and women. A policy already announced by Brown.

  4. The Lt Col will not have said what he did without top brass 'clearance'. He'll have been given media training I suspect and will be the politicians' mouthpiece.

    To criticise Wootton Bassett is offensive. I'm off to see what the lads and lasses on ARSSE are saying about it.

  5. I would very much like to know how the lads react to this, Subrosa. You should post on their behalf. Check out Dudley riots, too. MSM, shhhhhhh!