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Friday, 9 April 2010

Labour, LiesAreUs?

It's In Their DNA!

Would you buy a used car from this man?

"Duncan Bannatyne has had a dig at Dragons' Den colleague James Caan over his tax status. The Scottish tycoon is accusing his fellow millionaire of having an "unfair" business advantage because he is non-domiciled - meaning he does not pay UK tax on his overseas earnings." Labour, two faced hypocrites.

I suppose Mandy threatened Caan's peerage or else there was a deal to stitch us all up. James Caan, yesterday afternoon, supports, in a press release, The Tory stance on NI. He thereby gets to "star" as a lead witness against Slaphead Byrne. Come the discussion, Caan puts up a pathetic and weak argument against The Tory plan and shiftily supports Slaphead.
As dirty tricks and lying goes, that's a doozy, even for Labour. If he told the truth p.m, then ergo, he did not a.m. Government training czar post probably beckons were Liebour to fiddle an election win.

Also, less than half of natural Labour supporters polled believe that their party would be likely to fulfil its manifesto pledges. Voters overall gave Labour poor marks for its delivery of its key 2005 pledges.

Labour speak of money being taken out of the economy. The cost of paying interest on the government’s debt In 2009, will be circa £35 billion (similar to defence budget). Public sector debt interest payments could be the 4th highest department after social security, health and education. This leads to higher taxes in the future. Now that is "taking money out of the economy".

Come on Cameron, Labour take out, never to be seen again, £35 billion a year interest payments. More than the defence expenditure and we are at war!!! Cut debt, fund growth.


  1. 4th largest department. I wonder who staffs it?

  2. OR, a Scottish PPC and confidante of The Labour top table has been mouthing off on twitter. Worth checking out for more of your "truth behind Labour". Keep up the good work including your early start!

  3. The BBC also needs to be put in its place by the Tories about non-doms (and an awful lot of other issues actually). Labour are getting away with murder on the BBC and it is disgraceful.