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Wednesday, 21 April 2010

The Jonah ffect?

"Brown To Put Economy At Heart Of Campaign"

Gold reserves given away.
Pensions decimated.
Trillions of debt and £168 BILLION!!! annual deficit.
Potholes by the legion, no money for repairs.
Dirty Hospitals.
Failing Schools.
Expensive and illegal wars.
SAS have to have private funding to equip them.
Huge petrol prices.
Massive hidden stealth taxation.
Worst unemployment figure for 16 years.

Anybody think of any more economic disasters? Probably need a tome the size of Encyclopedia Britannica!

Just remember, vote yellow get BROWN!


  1. Vince cable is a bit of a disaster today!

  2. Brown is dreaming up his next disaster while we argue about the past.

  3. You want to be careful with a title like that. Ludlum will nick it for a new thriller. Little does he know!!

  4. PFI hidden liabilities; state pension crisis.