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Thursday, 1 April 2010


Snotty On The Road But So Many To Travel?

Whilst Jimmy is "horse riding" after an ever deteriorating week, likely to end with open warfare with UK top employers, Peter P comes out with Byrne and Darling (taking time off at our expense to electioneer) to whimper back at being torpedoed. Rumour has it that Snotty has ordered this painting to be hung on a bunker wall. The reason is to help him justify his temporary conversions to public opinion. Immigration is one of his first, lie ridden statements. Next he might convert to believing the overwhelming evidence for doubting anthropogenic global warming. Blimey, what if he suddenly realises the damage his incompetence in pension fund annihilation, gold sales for peanuts, (or was that euros?) and a whole raft of blatant deceit, has done to us all? Immigration was a secret piece of gerrymandering to suppress the workforce and British way of life. Now we face a huge wave of Afghan immigration as we get forced out of that Country. As I write another tragic death is announced. How about another Damascus conversion, Snotty and gang of crony cadre of despots? Bring our soldiers home.


  1. Amen to that, OR.

  2. As always - totally agree! And definitely couldn't have put it better myself ;-)

  3. Why, TTO, I'm blushing but thank you!!

  4. Captain Haddock1 April 2010 at 17:53

    FFS .. if McSnot has many more "visions" .. the walls of the bunker won't accommodate all the paintings ..

    Fully agree .. bring our Troops home .. so that they can sort out this corrupt bunch of fuck-ups which we're forced to call a "Government" ..