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Monday, 19 April 2010

He doesn't "do" God.

So Not A Son Of The Manse, Then?

As his celebrity, pop star, status continues to be bigged up for Labours' purpose, our Cleggy is not beyond preaching in Church. Is this not a manifold and highly hypocritical sign of a master "chancer"? So much for the politics of change. A career politician, Eurocrat and embracer of the socialist order. Dear Lord, let him be found out this week. Just imagine him and Peter Pederast gloating on the 7th of May!! They surely have shared many substantial meals together in the restaurants of Brussels.


  1. When this madness blows over it will still leave one decision to made. More Labour or more Tory. After 13 years of waste, it's a no brainer, Clegg or no Clegg.

  2. He's the one under pressure now, OR, and he will come a serious cropper in the next week or two, once the LibDums' policy is properly scrutinised.

  3. Hi, Spidey, a week's a long time in politics. I know Labour and Snotty's crew are bonkers but Cleggy makes them look sane. Also screws Snotty's "experience" mantra as well.

  4. A little scary looking at his background OR. I'm certainly not comfortable with it.