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Saturday, 24 April 2010

Happy holiday?

Having The Weekend Off With His Family?

If you believe he's taking the weekend off you are daft! That's yet more spin from a man who has studied Labours' success in electioneering spin aided and abetted by his EU mates. This guy is the real heir to Blair and The European Federal dreams of the ruling elite. I say vote yellow get Brown. Perhaps it's vote yellow get clone of New Labour. A fox in Flemish robes?

As for squeaky clean. How many people were robbed of savings to fund his campaign? Gonna pay it back, Calamity?

"The flamboyant businessman who helped to bankroll the Liberal Democrats' general election campaign is facing up to nine years behind bars after he admitted committing perjury and obtaining a passport by deception.

Michael Brown, who donated £2.4m to the party before last year's election, was remanded in custody after pleading guilty to the charges at Southwark crown court yesterday. Judge Geoffrey Rivlin QC warned him that he would receive a custodial term after pleading guilty to two offences.:

Vote yellow get Brown, indeed!


  1. This meme "they are all the same" is not showing in the election, OR. Two very pro a Federal Europe, one not. As for Clegg, the very worst kind of career politician know all. Him and your Snotty together, UGH!!!

  2. Having read some commentators this morning I find the libdem 'surge' very concerning. Although most say the libdems would want Brown out if they wanted a pact, we would still have these dreadful people in government. Plus others who have an exceptionally pro-EU agenda.

  3. Oh, can't find it, but read that Mandelson and Clegg are good pals. Maybe that's why Mandelson's lying quite low.

  4. The point is, I suppose, that come Election Day, the Tories will be out in droves while the Labour voters will stay at home. Those Labour voters who do venture out will probably vote LibDum.

  5. Mandy doesn't do "pals" Whoops, perhaps I should re-phrase that.

  6. I cannot fathom for one minute why anyone thinks that the LD's are anything but whiter than white. Our local LD candidate has smeared his opponents with outrageous lies to the extent whereby the Tory PPC wrote to the local paper denouncing the LD.

  7. Is it possible that the commercial pollsters and the MSM are trying to hoodwink us all and it's failing?