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Friday, 30 April 2010

The Final Week

Some Thoughts.

Mrs Duffy on a well deserved holiday.

Labour, via Lord Peter P had a grand plan. Their only hope would be a hung Parliament. Heaven and Earth were moved to position Clegg as the front man. It seemed to work as their scary underhand grip on the BBC and our punditry, bigged up, aided and abetted by a plethora of compliant pollsters, Clegg's X-factor appearances. They did not foresee the real and far greater game changer. Snotty's nastiness and arrogance exposed by his two faced bullying of an innocent pensioner. Prescott's Go4th instruction looks ever more likely to come true next time round after coming third next week.
Attempts to draw Cameron into commitments with which to berate him for broken promises post election disaster relief efforts, have failed. The task of rebuilding our shattered and Labour tsunami ravaged economy will not be easy but The Tories are historically the party to whom that unenviable task always falls. If a hung Parliament is the election result then that will produce an even greater after shock. The good thing is that, now these X-factor debates are done, a final week is available for the Internet and the old style campaigning to come back into play. A final week which has Cameron beginning to push the last few miles of this marathon whilst Snotty has to do a "Paula Radcliffe" at the side of the road and Cleggy finds one shoe full of heavy euro coins, the other stuffed with unwelcome amnesty forms.
I am impressed that under severe pressure Cameron has not made rash promises of denied pain to come. The other two have either rubbished his position or attempted to steal it. We shall know in just a few days if we have a future at all.

Is this the same makeup artist Cleggy used last night?


  1. Your guy did well, OR. I might even vote for the bloke after Brown's insults to some of us.

  2. Good assessment OR. I thought your man was head and shoulders above the others last night and took them to task well.

  3. O/T - but I hope that wasn't one of your landings in the picture above!

  4. I have had one of those, Microdave but in a smaller aeroplane! I even have a video being hailed a hero! I just wanted to live!