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Sunday, 25 April 2010

The election we don't hear about.

So Now We Know!

Behind the whole election there is an agenda so beloved of Eurocrats. I warned that the EU Commissars would somehow seek influence and now we know how. Mandleson's return to UK politics was never about Brown or Labour or The UK. It was to be in place to spin the LibDem grab for power. Clegg, with his holier than thou public face has done a deal. With Peter P's guidance and EU influence the picture begins to unfold. Cleggy gets number 10 in exchange for supporting the federalisation of The UK into even more Brussels influence and diktat. This is Clegg's "new politics" and his mentor and king maker will be Mandy. So we really are being treated as mugs with the well known, underhand methods beloved of The EU. Remember their interference in Ireland over Lisbon and then look closely as to the similarities. We are in even greater danger from Clegg than from Brown. Some choice, eh? Still, great for Mandleson, he gets to retain or even seize yet more power. This is also why the Labour campaign is doing so badly. It was realised he, Snotty, could not win an election so this plan was hatched. I wonder how long this has been in the planning? They all seem to believe that it's all in place and the Brits won't even know what hit them. I better brush up my German. The British electorate, like lambs to the slaughter and it would seem the good shepherd is Cameron! Wake up for pities sake!!!


  1. This very fact struck me as I listened to the interview. What a vain and arrogant, power crazed charlatan.

  2. OR if you'd like to put this up at my place please feel free.

  3. Oh, anonymous talks about an interview. What interview? I've missed something.

  4. Subrosa, he is talking of the Marr interview with "he who would be PM" Clegg. Will cross, too.