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Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Debt Is Good For You?

13 Years Of Labour And Incompetence.

As Greece looks ever more likely to be the euro zones first of many economic failures and proving one size really does not fit all, Snotty and Mandy continue to look down their noses at we mere little people. We are not like Greece, runs the mantra. Eminent hacks join in with their arrogant superiority of comfortable, personal wealth. As ever, as the song goes, "it's the rich whats get the pleasure" except that these days substitute "the rich" with the wealthy Labour ruling elite. Mandleson in a legion of blind trust deals with Russian and other oligarchs, Snotty rolling in billions of nuclear energy contracts via his EDF brother's position for starters. The Blinky family who suddenly realised a cartoon pig was not such a good symbol to parade given the pork barrel funded life style they enjoy. When you damn the aristocrats and toffs remember their wealth is earnt from battle or commerce, not the tax payer.
The profligacy of Labours' tax and spend thirteen years, their immigration gerrymandering and sheer incompetence is breathtaking. Pensions destroyed and lives with them, gold dumped from our reserves, lies, spin, deceit and the destruction of our economy. Wars we just cannot afford financially or morally, the list of stench ridden decay and failure is as palpable as the manure wafting from the fields around me. At least good grows from that, unlike Labour and Socialism. If The British electorate cannot see the nightmare unfolding as a direct consequence of this shower of excrement then they deserve the poverty awaiting them. Labour frequently spit out "the eighties" as a supposedly fearful place to go. Well you merkin, false asses, the eighties were about putting right your last catastrophic mess before giving you another go. This time you did much, much better. We are now totally bankrupt and 12 million more mouths to feed. As in the picture above, Snotty is counting his fingers before washing his hands in the cess pit of his own making.


  1. OR,

    Without debt the world would collapse.

    Paradoxically, the world is going to collapse because of it.

    Borrowing cannot be endless. The interest on Britains debts alone is £43 billion. We can never hope to repay all that we borrowed.

    As Yoda would say, "Screwed are we".

    Mopping up will not be pretty. And you and I will pay. We will pay until it hurts, then we will pay some more.


  2. I was reading in The Times a comment that a little Greek island of 100 inhabitants (including 10 children) had 45 teachers on the payroll. Ten of the teachers taught only gymnastics. How can Greece possibly recover without a withdrawal from the euro and a devaluation of the drachma ? There isn't enough money in the world to ever bail out Greece. Portugal is actually in a worse state financially than Greece with a greater % GDP in deficit. Oh and Spain , well they're even worse. Not as bad as the UK but bad enough. Can you see a pattern here ?
    Buy tinned goods and bury the cash in the garden.
    Oh that pig pulled out of the Blinky and Yvette show as it didn't want to favour any party. Labour causing screaming children rather than screaming adults for a change I suppose.

  3. Thank you both for commenting. I agree with you, Captain, that debt is not always a problem. It is the failure to manage it and spend within limits that creates the nightmare. vote UKIP, many, many people agree with you. The EU is a myth and a very dangerous and expensive one.

  4. Very prescient, OR, after Brown's real character moment, today!

  5. We wouldn't be in such a mess if Cameron despised Blair instead of admiring him and if David Davis hadn't arsed up the one speech of his life that we all needed to go well.

    Too late now. No matter that some saw that a while ago.

  6. I attended a DD stump in Ludlow and voted for him. I really think he might have done better than DC but I'm not writing DC off just yet, Jim.

  7. No, OR, nor am I. I just think that a clearer statement of the basic priciples of how prosperity works for a nation and what it can still mean to be a nation state might have helped. Instead we have the Blaitite 'principle' of saying whatever your researchers tell you will fool them this week.

    I hope Cameron wins a working majority. I hope, if he does, he leaves the falsity behind.

    Kenneth Clarke talked recently about the 'political class'. Does there have to be such a class? My guess is yes. MPs cannot be blown by every contrary whim of the electorate.

    Elective dictatorship works but only when parties offer clear alternatives between statism and liberty. That those alternatives are no longer clear is what is wrong, not the electoral system itself.