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Sunday, 11 April 2010

The Conservative Problem.

Reasons Why They Might never be In Government Again.

Brown musing on his disdain for us?

A banner headline this morning sings the sweet, siren notes of an anthem to The NHS from 1997. Now as much as i am a staunch supporter of the NHS, even I know that mass immigration, medical science and an ageing population are all unsustainable by just borrowing endlessly to shore up. The King's Fund is headed up by one C. Ham. (pork, anyone?) and here lies my fear. Note a paper of his, Ham C (2008) 'Gordon Brown's Agenda for the NHS', BMJ 336: 53 - 54. This guy appears to be a medical expert when in essence he is a professional manager. He epitomises the grip Labour have taken on ALL our institutions. Chief Constables, Teachers, The NHS and even our Armed Forces. Want to get on, have a massive salary and pension pot? Confirm allegiance to "The State" and it's all yours. Add to this list The BBC and Independent broadcasters, (the latter reliant on grants to survive) and the pattern of Soviet style control emerges.
So great is this dominance, the only mystery for Labour is why they, not The Conservatives, lead the polls. Since YouGov is "controlled" by Mr Baroness Ashton the link to my theme is again apparent. Many pundits see the polls as gospel but it is sweet music tho laud a hung Parliament where Labour and Snotty would again hold the keys to to the machinery of state. Given their grip on power, that would be enough to continue the drive to absolute power and control.
To sum up, only a massive switch to The Conservative vote can stop our drift into totalitarianism. It has to be massive to allow a new Government to dismantle this horror of what inevitably has to become a police state. Think I'm exaggerating, look at the people behind the scenes. McBride is still covertly operating, Alistair Campbell dragged in, between his drug, alcohol and self-pitying porn activities. "Orwhelan" and UNITE are head of the top table and so it creepily creeps forward. 13 years of this bribery of conscience and torching of morality and it's working. How does anyone fight this? It is not easy when the education standards and state of our population is so disparate and weak. Is that yet another deliberate ploy? I wouldn't be surprised. Good luck, Albion, God knows you need it.


  1. It is a big hurdle, OR and you might well be correct that it is insurmountable. By the way I have terrible trouble ever getting onto your blog and/or posting a comment. Any reason why?

  2. Luck OR? We need all the luck in the world because today's politicians have little judgement - unless it involves their own finances.

  3. Point taken, Subrosa but around 50% of our MPs were relatively OK on the expenses debacle and they are scheduled to be replaced by UNITE!!

  4. "Think I'm exaggerating?"

    No you aren't, not a bit. Every organisation is full of placemen, local councils etc - the lot, and none of them have been elected.