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Saturday, 3 April 2010

Ask Not..........

What Labour Will Do For Britain,

Ask What They HAVE done.

Labour have painted Cameron as Gene Hunt at a time when millions of people wish we had a non PC tough guy to choose from! They also have a deep seated belief that scare tactics about baby eating Tories will "wreck" the place. Such blind stupidity beggars belief. In 1997 they inherited a massive effort by The British people (and a Government that governed rather than bullied), to overcome the ERM sandbagging by The EU and become a successful, solvent, economy once more. Another forgotten issue there is Labour supported ERM entry.
13 years on Brown's devastation of pension funds, weakly and pathetically defended by Snotty this week, the destruction of thousands of "cultural entertainment centers and policy exchange venues", sorry, pubs; trade union, "Lazarus with a suicide vest", power resurgence; millions of unsustainable immigrants and a culture of lying that would have had Pinocchio's nose stretching the length of Labours' Britain. It is impossible to list all the mistakes, squandered wealth and destruction. Broken society we certainly are and they expect people to vote for more of this? More Gene Hunt please and less of mendacity and ugly Labour.


  1. How many pubs close every day? Mustn't have the peasants meeting up to chat and rob supermarket booze profits.

  2. This poster campaign using Gene Hunt has got to be the biggest own goal ever.

  3. Labour must be in meltdown right now. Even the pre-campaign campaign is ruined by their hands.

    The champagne is on order. Roll on the election.

  4. the tories must be so happy ,
    only this shower of shit could have shot themselves in the foot and what a joy to watch one of the mill clones launch the debacle :-)

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  5. Those stupid twats in labour must be regretting ever starting this shit campaign, OR, the Tories are throwing it back at them thick and fast!

  6. Your bold lettering and pic are inspired, OH. :-)

  7. Thank you, Sir Puddlecote! Spidey, check out tomorrow's!

  8. As usual straight to the heart of the matter OR and perfect.

    Bad poll for labour in Scotland's Sunday Post. :)