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Thursday, 15 April 2010

Are you ordinary?

I Am!

Many of my 150 or so visitors per day are only like me because we are ordinary. No Oxbridge or Westminster privilege just ordinary. However, I would rather be here than there. There being a world of ignorant hubris, self-delusion and mendacity. So I look at this election and compare who might be like me? A very privileged Old Etonian who has never had to worry about money? Why not. I don't want ordinary people running my Nation. Or should I look at this dour but fantastic Snotty, the most despicable figurehead of socialism ever and that is a tough call. A chap who picks his nose and eats the residue on world wide TV? A man whose butler finds physically nauseating to clean up after? A man who has pissed over my lifetimes hard work to drag myself to where I am today. Only to have my world stripped of respect and happiness to fund his obese, lazy, feckless and utterly rancid supporters who need mass immigration to pay for their idleness. Vote Labour and welcome the utter loss of any chance to climb upwardly from the excrement and piss stained corridors of your tower block. That, after 13 years of socialism.
By the way, where is the Defense Minister? Absent so as not to mention the war?


  1. It's election time, so we won't be seeing Bob "The Wig Wearing Knob" Ainsworth for the forthcoming weeks. Not even the unions he couldn't organise a strike for in the late 1970s could fix an appearance up for that pointless old turd.

  2. The last I heard of Aintworthit, he was in Afghanistan controlling the front line to ensure no free lance journalists broke through.

    Rumour has it that he wasn't issued with any equipment and therefore he's evident from the air strutting up and down in his hand made suit.

  3. According to the latest from the BBC - all "big-hitters" which apparently includes the ex-Defence Minister (as Westminster is dissolved?) are grounded, unable to fly to Scotland today to enthrall us with their own pasty magma. This unexpected relief is due to volcanic ash clouds covering much of northern Europe. Thank you, thank you Iceland.

  4. Hi, all, I was beginning to think my comments section had been embed embargoed! Great comments, as ever. I rather suspect Afghanistan associations are no go areas in case voters choose to not support Snotty's gang. Hateful crowd. I wonder if he'll screw the debate?

  5. Why does my page say 3 comments and there were 4 and now 5?