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Saturday, 27 March 2010

Your Tax Liabilities.

Jimmy Snot And Labour Never Change.

From 2005.
"Looking at the impact by the end of the relevant parliament, Labour increased taxes by £11.3 billion after the 1997 election (in the July 1997 and March 1998 Budgets), cut them by £4.1 billion in the pre-election Budget of 2001, and then increased them again by £9.6 billion after the 2001 election (in the April 2002 Budget). Should tax-raising measures prove necessary to finance the government’s spending plans and comply with the fiscal rules, past experience – to the extent it is any guide – suggests that tax increases are more likely to be announced after the election than in the run-up to polling day."

Here is a pledge missing from that pathetic card.

We will rob the productive and give to the feckless, rape the tax payer and reward the idle.


  1. You are without doubt spot on. The tax take will soar, it's what Labour do. Tax and spend.

  2. Well said OR. I wonder if Ollie or Gotty would do a pledge card for labour?