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Tuesday, 30 March 2010

The Young Never Get Old Under Labour.

Don't Upset Anybody Until After The Election.

The quiet, almost whispered Burnham scam today beggars belief that it has been so basically ignored. Here is a statement contradicting Badger's waffle last evening and it's quietly tucked away. Britain, Labour's death tax is alive and well. Indeed I can foresee the bastards creating an even meaner "euthanasia scheme" to seize the COMPULSORY levy out of YOUR coffin. Once upon a time, National Insurance was for Old age pensions and the National health Service. Now it's just another robbing tax. If you think they are all the same pause momentarily and think. Labour are shit at managing an economy but brilliant at confidence tricks and stealth taxes. Vote them back and they will no longer have to be sly about taxes. It will be pay up and die or just die.

Burnham's statement.
"The social care system is the only remaining part of our welfare state that is not organised on a collective, population-wide, risk-sharing basis. When the welfare state was created, life expectancy was 12 years shorter. But, as we live longer, a sixth giant has emerged to add to Beveridge's five – fear of old age. Many older people today experience a real anxiety about the costs and quality of care. Too often they simply don't know what the future holds for them as they get old and frail."

Note the millions to be taken from the carers' budget kept very, very quiet. Got it? Care for somebody and get penalised for it. Hatred is just not enough,

The social care proposals revealed today by health secretary Andy Burnham will not be in place before 2015 - and investigations by Channel 4 News show that £100m is to be cut from attendance allowance for the disabled as part of the reform.
Then it gets very sinister,

Channel 4 News FactCheck has learnt that this page was missing from a draft being circulated just yesterday. In its place is a note saying "wording to be agreed by the treasury, No.10 and special advisers later today". The late addition appears to undermine a guarantee to disabilities campaigners that benefits would not be cut.

Where Labour and Snotty's lot are concerned, if it looks like a turd, smells like....


  1. The trouble is too many of us know what could be ahead in our old age - some dreadful home which, if we're lucky, our family will realise is bad and move us to another.

    I do hope carers just down tools and tell the social services enough's enough if their meagre attendance allowance is stopped. That would cause chaos and that's what is needed to waken politicians up to the work carers do.

    I read that about Factcheck, that lassie is sharp.

  2. They really are the lowest of the low, OR, even snakes stand taller!

  3. The fact that after 13 years of Labour in England "Too often they simply don't know what the future holds for them as they get old and frail." is a pretty damning sttement for a supposedly left of centre party to make.

  4. Smashing comments as ever. Tris, how very accurate.

  5. They dont need to worry in Scotland at the moment. But I hear that even there it is becoming such a strain on finances it will change.
    It is a difficult balance because some will not be able to afford decent care, although they have paid into the system all their lives and worked hard at low paid jobs. Others can afford all the care in the world. Others just are dossers and lived off the state.
    Me...well when I lose it I want to be taken to Switzerland!
    Seriously, I think the insurance thing from the Tories is a good thing. We have insurance for school fees and everything else under the sun; why not for care when we get old? Everyone who works can afford a long term insurance (ok the more you pay the more you get...that's life!). The dossers I really dont care about.