Such a prescient, beautiful sentiment.

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

What's The Common Thread?

The Worst Ever Government In UK History.

He lied to Chilcot about defense cuts, The NHS is today reported as a cess pit by the very nurses tasked with cleaning it up, the trade gap widens, the pound sinks, our public debt grows ever larger, Straw's justice is reserved for child killers as crime soars 44% under Labour. Yet all these blatant and horrific facts go unnoticed by a dozy electorate and a forgotten opposition. Iain Dale points out the twisting of marginal polls which are actually good for the Tories and YouGov refuse to explain their new methodology. Postman Cheesegrin witters on that Tory crime figures are wrong only to have them verified by a Parliamentary investigation. It just never ends how useless Labour are at anything but the dirty spin of their grip on power. A grip held firmly by a psychopath and bully of an ignoramous. Britain, if you are so cowed and scared of these people, you deserve all that you have now and have to come. Trust me, if Labour are kept in power what little is left of this Country's wealth will be pissed up the same wall of poverty and decay Labour have used to hose with your money for 13 dreadful years. Come on Cameron, show the same balls one of your guys did, Graham Stuart, when he metaphorically bitch slapped that BBC Labour tart, Derbyshire this very day. All you need is to broadcast the terrible truth that is Labour.

Go here and about 12:50secs into the programme for the low down on Lord Paul. Were this a Tory close mate of Cameron just imagine the constant coverage. A joyous bit of fight back! Do go there for a faint bit of hope!!! Hurry, though before they pull it!


  1. The Normal version has been pulled. But they forgot to pull the lower bandwith version. LOL

  2. They've pulled that version now. They must be monitoring your comments.

  3. It is still on. Got it by clicking on the "Use normal version" then "Use lower bandwidth version". Might have alternated again but it came on and have listened to the relevant bit. Should be on the main news.........Yeah, I know. Sounds spot on.

  4. The bastards censor these days? Amazing and scary, is it not?

  5. It's still there, OR, but, as with all the BBC websites, it takes a bleedin' eternity to download!

    Excellent interview, I especially liked the bit where he gave BBC bias a damned good pasting - ouch!

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