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Friday, 26 March 2010

Tory Woes?

Do You Really Want To See This On May 6th?

Years and years of decline. Poverty levels up, immigration out of control, pensions ruined, £167 BILLION debt, sleaze of enormous commonality aided and abetted by nepotism before governance. The list is endless. Illegal wars, hundreds of troops sacrificed whilst their ex PM coins it offshore. Lord Ashcroft is a saint compared to Labour and Bliar, Peter Pederast and doped up Snotty. The mess we are in will never ease until these dreadful people are swept from power. Don't be fooled by the billions of your pounds used to brainwash you. Twice in one week this shower have had to pull propaganda on climate threat to kiddies and police lies.


Listen to this "car crash" this morning. about 1hr 30 mins in before they pull it! More electioneering at our expense, cretin. Loads of Brownies, of course.


  1. Labour more trusted to steer economy than Tories

    A new poll blow to David Cameron, as Tories hopes of an outright General Election victory fade.

  2. As is now obvious to us all, CallMeDave is a Conservative but just isnt conservative.

    The more often he makes it clear that this is the case, the lower the Conservative poll ratings. Everything he does to get PR exposure for the himself and the party just makes matters worse.

    What he doesnt seem to be able to understand is that there are huge numbers of conservatives who feel disenfranchised by the 2 1/2 main parties. They are looking for someone to represent them on the key issues and increasingly feel he isnt the man. So they are either not going to vote or they'll vote for one of the smaller parties, thus letting in Bully McNutter and his troop of oxygen stealers.

    The fix? Tell the hard truth on the economy and what you'll do. Give the tough messages that are needed on law and order. Get an EU referendum in the diary.

    Be a conservative...there's no other way to win.

  3. Are they celebrating their nuptials?

  4. Nah, Demetrius, they're much too old.
    As for Anonymouse, that won't last long come Sunday's tax hikes.

  5. Sorry Dave C I've stood my Blue
    legions down for the duration after
    48 years of Bolshy kicking.
    If Dave thinks Labours destruction
    of our pubs,clubs and way of life
    is just fine and dandy then he
    can add his name to the last three

    No freedom ,no vote, Bye Bye

    Blues and Greys

  6. Whatever happens OR - you've summed up 13 yrs of Labour perfectly!