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Monday, 22 March 2010

This Morning.

Is It Always Going To Be Like This?

Despite terrific social and gardening successes over the weekend I kept my eye on the unfolding debacle of Labour sleaze with a soup├žon of Tory thrown in for seasoning. I listened to the benign BBC coverage of the kamikaze BA strike and many, many other examples of "basket case" Labour and their tax payer funded spin. The supposed death tax u-turn, the three pence tax hike on fuel, rumours of a postponement, the old idea, regurgitated, of broadband for all. On and on drones the spin and soporific, ostensibly subliminal Goebbels noise. After a fitful night I woke early and with forlorn hope switched on the TV to catch the possible torrent of anger aimed squarely at the crooks in Labour. Stupid, silly me. A brief mention popped in and behind our great Obama canonisation plug. Is there no escape from the unutterable smugness of BBC presenters' hundreds of thousands a year smugness? Is there no hope of a tirade of anger at the mess we are in? The State now represents over half our GDP. How long can that last? Who gets hurt the most come judgement day? I doubt it will be the State and its army of "cash for little effort" busy bodies and outreach workers. I really do despair of a Nation so placid and dumb to the rape going on all around them. Traditions of fairness, decency, reward for EFFORT are all now just confetti shredded in the paper destroyer of socialism. God bless us all, we sure as hell need it.

By the way, a little quiz. Who said the following and when?

"What's important is that whatever politicians are doing, they are aware there's a certain trust the public have put in them. "Let's start by cleaning up the sleaze in the way Parliament works and MPs behave. If one of our MPs was involved in that type of business he would not be standing as an MP. People should always remember their responsibility. It's important that all of politics does not become tainted - because not all MPs are sitting there taking cash .........." and

He said "comprehensive measures" would be taken to reassure the public that all the "abuses and misjudgments" of the past would be corrected and dealt with. "The biggest task we have is to restore the public's trust in our political system. It is time to change the culture of the old politics."

Not too difficult to answer, impossible to give credulity!


  1. We are in deep shit and it's going to take a miracle to get us out.

    The UK will never be the same again. Our home has been systematically destroyed by the most corrupt politicians in our long history.

    They are traitors.

  2. Spot on Sue, I envy your forced expatriation! If you know what I mean.

  3. I was talking to a true blue tory this morning OR (yes I do know some!) and his points were:

    1 There are 280 MPs who have not defrauded the taxpayer. They should be the only ones able to stand at the GE. Rearrange the constituencies to accommodate them.

    2 The UK gets out of the EU NOW.

    Glad to hear you had a pleasant weekend. Socially it was fine here, gardening wise erm...

  4. Hi, Subrosa, sounds like a Tory after my own heart! Still very cold for you to garden up there!