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Tuesday, 23 March 2010

This Man Is Followed By An Aura Of....

The Stench of Corruption!

"When the news of the £373,000 home loan first came to light, Mr Mandelson denied any wrongdoing. Three days later, he resigned."

Now if Byers were to grow a backbone and release correspondence, emails or other documents, Labours' cosy relationship with National Express could all come to the fore. They are, after all, very much in the same ilk as Glasgow Councils' latest escapades. Now, as for Mandy's theatrical denials last evening, he's no Olivier, that's for sure. I hope that the public realise, when looking at the mess Parliament has become, that this is after 13 years of democratic neglect of Labour and Downing Street. It's their watch and they were off busy playing games rather than looking after US. A plague on all their houses but especially those made from socialist incompetent dogma. Now whose brother negotiated decommissioning for nuclear power company, EDF? Come on you journalists, you can do even better than this! Mind you, it is terrific MSM stuff for a change. Note the quiet diversionary BBC tactics, so obvious!


  1. One nasty piece of work.

  2. He's no piece of work, he's a bed room accident.

  3. Captain Haddock23 March 2010 at 18:13

    Nay, Lorenzo .. you honour him too much ..

    He was hatched by the warmth from the beam of a Copper's torch, whilst the best bits trickled down his mother's leg ..

    He'll get caught out again .. he just can't help himself (well .. he can & does but you know what I mean) ..