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Sunday, 14 March 2010

Sex, Drugs but No Rock and Roll?

First It Was Scotland.........................

Despite my fervent Unionist credentials, I believe N.I should be merged with Eire and Scotland's SNP rejection of Labour's Scottish dominance laudable. However, many bloggers are bemoaning the Glasgow scandal that may yet be swept under the carpet just as was Dunblane. When a shadowy and Mafia style organisation joins forces with an all powerful political elite bully, as is the case with Socialists, the future becomes ever more bleak. Some lefties and Labour deluded but possibly honest people might start with "power first then we can change things for the better" is so like those who marry believing they can change the character of their spouse. This often ends in bullying and violence when the change is resisted.
As Labour approach the end of 20 years of powerful and underhand politics we see mirrored South of the border the growing corruption of power that has long been the dominant force in Scotland. Gangsters, Drug barons and all the sick paraphernalia are swept along in this tidal wave of evil, pederasty, sadism, drug and people trafficking. Civilisation is subjugated to such base and debauched power as to make Sodom and Gomorrah seem like Majorca. (sic).
I doubt very much if Steven Purcell, with his intimate (pun alert) knowledge of the men in suits and Union puppet masters will ever be seen again. Gone the same way as his pudgy friend, no doubt. Be in no doubt when you mark your ballot paper, it is your only chance to strike back. If you fail to do the right thing, beware a future very like the picture above. Well done The Sunday Times but be very careful. I suspect this Labour partnership of corrupt convenience, has a large armoury of rusty pen knives. What is now Scotland's undercover power base may soon be the rest of a blighted nation. Son of The manse? I think not.


  1. Well said, OR. The levels of corruption are mind-boggling and it runs through Labour like last night's vindaloo.

  2. Keep your stinking English nose out of Our Affairs.

  3. Tam, nearly correct. You mean my nose out of your stinking affairs. Plus, if you kept your shitty and corrupt side of your Scottish stench out of Parliament we could all be happy.

  4. Interesting that you use the word merged for Ulster: will there be any choice if you "had your way" or would the people there who are not sympathetic to OR's "credentials" be "helped" by "convincing arguments" (such as the false choice of Eire v IRA) or perhaps pointy bayonets?

    hey Tam - when you pay the piper our English noses will be withdrawn. Till then dear boy, perhaps some self reflection might help. Scotland is the land of Freemasonry and Paedophillia Swingers, according to the Press and Journal in Aberdeen, far more important wouldn't you say?

  5. Hi, Lee, I still can feel the sore shoulder from firing your handle! I am not suggesting Ulster Loyalists would not retain Union rights or lose representation, just become resident in a new Eire.
    Thanks for the riposte to that unpleasant post.

  6. Tam - you, like Gordon Brown, are a scunt.

    Work it out.

  7. Captain Haddock15 March 2010 at 19:56

    Tam ...

    People like you make me proud of what my family Regiment achieved at Culloden & afterwards ..