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Thursday, 25 March 2010

The Poverty Budget.

They're All The Same?

The claim of pundits and media is the meme that all political parties are the same. The passion for a killer sound-bite so beloved of modern media makes this meme even more attractive. However, come an election period, so many things are not discussed by the parties. In this it is true to say they all are the "same".
Let us probe a little deeper, however to determine why we, as a nation and planet, are in such a mess. One single fact alone, never discussed by anybody seriously, is overcrowding by humans. The UK is a perfect laboratory for this madness, that ignores reality and nature.
We have a budget deficit of such proportions it will never be solved and we will continue, in years to come, to watch ever widening tranches of poverty across the whole social spectrum. Those who have saved and sacrificed are, even as I write, being systematically shafted. We all know the facts of Labours' raid on pensions, homes sold for care and the growing spread of poverty upwards. This "do nothing" budget has in reality clobbered the beleaguered middle socio-income level yet again. The very backbone of our once proud economy is being gleefully dismantled by the old fashioned but effective armies of socialism and organised labour. Now if history were littered with glorious examples of these models of envy political success, I might consider embracing it myself. However, to build anything you need a coherent strategy for managing realistic expectation for what is possible. Here we see the huge gap between Conservative and Socialist philosophy. The former relies on empowering the best to help the less able, the wealth creators to hand their achievement on and to inspire others to grow. Socialism is simply to ignore human nature and DICTATE how everything should be done.
If you have reached this far, I will close with this final point and you can take it up within yourself. Our massive debt is allied directly to overcrowding. Labour have run a MASS immigration policy for their own belief that by packing our already overcrowded cities and sink estates with immigrants they would or even have swollen the ranks of those slavish voters who seem more than happy to re-elect a party so directly associated with the creation of even greater abject poverty than existed in 1997. Growth is the mantra to haul us out of the pit, say Labour. Well, I'm sorry, but if you are filling the chasm one side, faster than you empty it the other, growth is impossible. The future may be a one party state run by Union Barons and taxi hire bosses but it's not one for the feint hearted. It is creating oligarchs, though. Bliar, for one and quite a large number of wannabees, chief among whom is my old hate figure, Peter Pederast. There are a great deal more. Simpson loves the Dorchester life-style as does most of UNITE and UNISON bosses. Definitely billionaires in waiting whilst their members are cajoled and coerced into a disastrous agenda which will drive them into the ever expanding ranks of poor and disenfranchised.
I guess barely a soul will read this far but you never know!!


  1. Well, Oldrightie, I got this far and am pleased to say that I did. Why is it that Cameron and his gang seem unable to address such issues?

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  3. The so-called overpopulation problem is really a myth. Do you actually have any evidence to support the idea that overpopulation is a real problem economically, besides "it just so obviously is..." type sentiments? I doubt it.
    Also, statistically it it shown (in large, independent academic studies) that on average immigrants contribute more in tax and recieve less in government money/ benefits than native populations do! Thus immigration is a vital source of economic stimulation. We need to explode the myths surrounding immigration, not spread hysteria (and even xenophobia) surrounding this contentious issue.

  4. I deliberately did not use the huge volume of evidence available out there, in support of my post. Note also my lack of arrogance so beloved of your theoretical clap trap, Jimmy.

    Elpidio Que, Vigan: The ballooning population should be of utmost concern to the government. It is a fact that population explosion is a major cause of our economic woes. How can an exploding population survive when the pie on the table is contracting? Politicians should have the balls to defy the dictates of the Church on how to control the population if they are truly for the nation and not just after winning elections.

    Digoy Coro, Batangas City: Of course; it is one of the major causes of poverty in this beloved land.

    Close on a million pages in Google and overwhelmingly in agreement. Next?

  5. Malicious irony - that too many politicians with ideologies based on hot-air, hype and tripe demand through the unsustainable over-population of the public sector (in particular) with feral 'management', demands so-called 'evidence-based' practice, irrelevant targets (usually secondary to what is really required), self-defeating financial sanction at grass-root level, the snuffing out of professional initiative and innovation, the obliteration of goodwill and absolute control by eye-watering 'laws', moronic 'equality/inclusion' etc. clap-trap, idiotic PCism and the marginalisation of real achievement and ambition... while casting themselves in a 'no blame' and protected privileged role.

    As for the general population - look, if you dare, at some of the alleged members of our gene pool on various TV shows snarling over whose sprog belongs to which biological father and.......well, words fail me.

    Years ago an old-school midwife friend of mine in despair at many instances of procreation, repeated the adage "Those few who use contraception shouldn't and those many that don't - should".

  6. Reply to James 10.31
    Nice try, James, but you are wasting your time. Oldrightie and his cronies are not open to reasoned argument. I can see them now lining up to criticize the Tories so they can keep on moaning after the election, even if the right wins. They thrive on being bitter and twisted.

  7. You've got that wrong Anon. I will not moan after the election but I will continue to criticise governments and politicians.

    Without the likes of OldRightie and his 'cronies' this country would be in a worse state.

    I suspect you believe that everything in the garden is rosy even when it's been under two feet of ice for weeks.

  8. "Oldrightie and his cronies are not open to reasoned argument."

    Your post shows plainly who are not open to reasoned argument. Thank you, Subrosa. One minute I'm a rabid, baby eating Tory, the next just a moaning ninny. Well, it is a free country, just about!

  9. "Years ago an old-school midwife friend of mine in despair at many instances of procreation, repeated the adage "Those few who use contraception shouldn't and those many that don't - should"."

    Another way to be rid of socialism. Great post, Clarinda, as ever. I am also aware of your ability to debate at a stratospheric level. More than I can say for the odd leftie who swings by, here.

  10. 'Another way to be rid of socialism' - somehow it doesn't surprise me that you are a fan of eugenics.
    'One minute I'm a rabid, baby eating Tory, the next just a moaning ninny.'. You said it!
    'the odd leftie who swings by, here'.
    If only you knew!

  11. HAH! Bring it oh nameless anon. Any chance of a contribution to the subject of the post? Thought not. As for lefties swinging by, h'm.

  12. Seeing your knee-jerk response to James' contribution, what is the point in trying to enter into a dialogue.

  13. How is a response highlighting almost a million Google pages in support of my attestation a knee-jerk. I think you, Sir, are the jerk or possibly "James".

  14. If you are impressed by a million Google pages in support of your argument, I am not. There are also over a million for boiled eggs. And I am not James - he is a better man than I am (think about it)

  15. OR, Seems like the lefties have found your site. Maybe they're on overtime from now until they get defeated in a few weeks.
    There's a good article on the Mail site at the moment about a government ad which has been banned by the ASA. Maybe James and anon always believe what they're told, maybe they (or he) is one of those bored civil servants who will soon be out of a job :-)

  16. Thanks, JobLot. All sensible and decent folk even more welcome!

  17. I am apparently insensible and indecent and I dare to question OR; I don't get all my information from the Daily Mail - no wonder I am unwelcome.

  18. Anon, you are not unwelcome just your opinions and self-righteous attitude which fail to debate with any flair other than old, worn and snide remarks. Quite a few people read the Mirror and the Sun. The Mail is a significant improvement on those and The Times better yet.

  19. Anon, I assume you're referring to my reference to the Mail?

    Here's the story on the BBC

    Of course, this should be headline news and I had to search to find this on the BBC. If you get your facts from the 'headlines' on the BBC, no wonder you're deluded.

  20. JobLot, thanks for that. I had seen the story about the ad being banned on the BBC News on TV so it was not exactly suppressed. OR also gets a lot of his information/photos from the Daily Mail (e.g. photo used on this thread.
    I'd like to know your definition of 'leftie'. I for one will definitely not be voting Labour.

  21. Anonymous.

    Was it on the home page? No.
    Was it on the UK main page? No.
    Was it on the England main page? No.

    Suppressed? No. Hidden? Yes.

    Of course you'll be voting Labour. That's all you know.

  22. Sorry JobLot - obviously something wrong with your search skills.
    UK News page Friday 26 March.
    And I still think more people will have seen it on the TV than on the internet.
    In view of your sad failure fuelled by your desire to prove a point, I still don't feel obliged to vote Labour because you say I will.

  23. Anonymous,

    I shouldn't have to SEARCH for what should be headline news.

    If I know what the news is, I wouldn't need to search for it!!!!!

    If there's no link from the main pages then it's hidden. Granted there may be an article there but if I hadn't seen the story on the Daily Mail then I wouldn't have found it on the BBC or known about it. Maybe that's why you hate the Daily Mail.