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Thursday, 11 March 2010

Out Of The Mouths Of Babes!

An Incredible Piece.

As so often happens with The BBC, when this might go viral, they pull it. For me this 75% vote against the war in Afghanistan yet very supportive of our troops mirrors the feelings of many of us "oldies". It has given me a massive lift to watch and hear these kids when so often we are the victims of those inner city feral youths so let down by Labour. 75% what an amazing indictment of Bliar and Pinocchio Jimmy.

Is this to keep OUR streets safe or to maintain the grip on power of a corrupt, illegally elected Bilderberger puppet in power? If these children's opinions are not worthy of comment I don't know what is!!


  1. I watched that on AljaBeeba this morning. As you say the expurgated version is now running.

  2. I don't watch BBC news so would have missed it - thanks OR. What wonderfully articulate children.

  3. Cato, it really is scary. GV, they are notably from a rural market town where the Britain we all know and love still produces the goods!

  4. Many thanks for that. I agree; what wonderful youngsters with bags of common sense. I wonder if our "leaders" appreciate them despite their intense dislike of Middle England?

  5. Thanks for this post, have linked. I've managed to find the school's video too.