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Friday, 12 March 2010

Opinion Polls.

Just One Of Thousands Even Billions Of Reasons

Not To Vote Labour!

Opinion polls come and go. Fascinating how Labour screamed that the support of The Sun was irrelevant and now salivate over the daily tracker poll from Kellner's YouGov. The same man whose wife graces the office of EU Special Foreign Envoy with her beauty, style and immense intellect that only Labour women can muster.
Now an Angus-Reid poll is ignored because it places Labour at 26%. Labour luvvie but pretend neutral, Smithson, claims it's all about weighting of those polled. Whichever way you look at it Labour voters are approached in greater numbers than anyone else. Ergo, their supporters still show a 3% desire to vote Tory! My only concern is this Stalinist grip Labour hold on every corner of our lives with a patronage so corrupt as to be worse than Mugabe! A grip that fills me with dread they may well rig the election.
Now my piccie subject is crowing like Kinnock did, with the same smug evil all, rich at our expense, socialists do. Yet these serial adulterers and robbers hold sway over their gerrymandered immigration and benefit beneficiaries. Meantime, the passion to rob and destroy middle class legacies and family inheritances, to fund their profligacy and historical "pip squeaking" old Labour "tax and spend", knows no bounds.
Any soul who seeks inspirational and upward social mobility needs to get rid of them. According to Angus-Reid that's 74% (thank you Cato!) of The UK population. Sounds not enough for me but I would settle for that to have them gone. Particularly pie eating Prezza, Snake Oil Pederast Peter and Snot Gobbler Jimmy! Bullies all.


  1. Good point about The Sun!!

  2. Don't you mean 74% and not 84%?

  3. Whoops, wishful thinking on my part, Cato!

  4. If that's a recent picture of buffoon Prezza, he's definitely been at the pies.


  5. It is, Paulo and he has. Especially now Tracy's no longer helping to locate the chipolata.

  6. They'll rig the vote anyway they can. They've already had two dry runs in Scotland.

  7. DL, this is a great fear of mine.