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Saturday, 27 March 2010

Ollie's Pledge Card, My Version!

A True Version!

Don't forget this occasion where Labour are concerned.

"In the court case brought against Brown for breach of contract over a referendum on the EU Constitution, Brown's personal barrister has just told the court that "manifesto pledges are not subject to legitimate expectation".
Oh yes, Gordon Brown, the Prime Minister, has just told an open court that we shouldn't expect him to be telling the truth with his promises, and that no manifesto pledge can be considered to be binding in anyway.

Hat tip the excellent Devil's kitchen. Also go here for more.
The actual court docs. ought to be blazoned across every poster in the land!

I guess the Labour spivs have a lot of work to suppress this altogether and the court records will be intact, won't they? The case was brought by a UKIP member.


  1. It'a a bit like crying woolf. Renege on one manifesto and thereafter they are all treated with derision and rightly so.

    Your alternative sums it up very succinctly.


  2. Your link doesn't work. I didn't even know there was a court case. Why aren't the Conservatives using this?

    I am voting UKIP but I still live in hope that the Cons will find their cast iron balls before it's too late!

  3. I love your header pic. Is that pre raphaelite? I haven't seen that one before.

  4. I didn't know there was a court case ither, OR, they kept that pretty damned quiet! It looks like the story has been taken down as part of the great Labour cover-up that is so obviously going on in the run-up to this election.... when you click on your link it's the old "Error 404, Page not found" message.... hmmmm!

  5. Sue, info on the beautiful painting. Very OldRightie, make of that what you will!

    "Hope in a Prison of Despair, allegorical, pre-raphaelite painting by Evelyn De Morgan (30 August 1855-2 May 1919), British painter, showing Hope as a woman or very young man holding a lamp, entering the dungeon where Despair is shown as another human figure bowed down with grief. Hope's saint-like halo suggests the comfort brought by religious faith."

  6. Here is the actual court judgement link. Though dismissed by the court, the manifesto pledge was not stuck to, ergo, Labour manifestos are a joke!