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Tuesday, 2 March 2010

James Gordon Brown

The Living Proof Of Spin Over Substance?

I have spent many years loathing how this cretinous closet individual could become the worst PM in my Country's history. Stories of bullying, violent outbursts and worst of all utter incompetence with our Nation's wealth and credibility in The World, abound. Sadly, the adage "pin a red rosette" works so well when supported by tax payer funding to make lies truth and brainwashing mandatory. George Orwell really did get the future correct just the date wrong. Not 1984 but possibly 2014. Freedom is now a commodity for Labour to trade their lies using McBride and Campbells' mendacity and pornographic spin. These are used to prop up a man whose character and behaviour make him a candidate for lunatic of the century. The picture above shows just how far this man will go to clutch power to his flawed heart. I hate him for what he has done, is doing and will do to keep his vanity and greed for power, all to himself. Worse still is The Labour Party, so hypocritical in their nastiness to any opposition whilst weak and pathetic when needing to stand up to a bully.
Whinge about Lord Ashcroft whilst endorsing un-elected crony peers and pederasts like Mandy, Paul and Myners. Just remember, only Labour leaders are permitted wealth, the rest of us cough up or die of neglect. Think me wrong? Then pop over here!


  1. Like you I am in despair. What are we missing - you and I? How can it be that this man and this party are still credible and not destroyed. Have they turned the nation and media into zombies It would seem so.

    This is not the country I grew up in.

  2. They've admitted to letting everybody in, except of course wives of British soldiers.

  3. Grannie always said that you judge a man by his friends.

  4. No, OR, I don't think you wrong.

    We've had weird, unstable Prime Ministers before - Eden - and few weirder than Heath who gets the glory for ditching the Commonwealth in favour of the EEC (all for free trade, but they've dropped the middle 'e' - anybody else noticed that?) Please pardon my gallows 'humour'. Give them enough Europe and they'll hang themselves.

    No doubt my knowledge of history is faulty. I can't recall, either in my lifetime or from history, a PM so uniformly malignant as the present one or a governing party so self-obsessed and so contemptuous of the country.

  5. If there's anything in the rumours reported by Mike James at
    that Brown is a paedophile, then things are even worse than had been supposed.

  6. Odin's feathered friend, I would not be at all surprised. Easier to bully kids than grown ups.

  7. Jim.

    Malignant - what a wonderful word to describe Brown and the Labourites.