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Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Is May 6th Not To Happen?

A Sudden Plethora Of Bad News For Labour.

Sadly not good for the rest of us either. This cretin is leading Jimmy's media front on Treasury matters whilst Alistair wages war with the jabbering, drugged up PM, over trying to stave off the scorched earth direction of Snotty. Now this very unpleasant ignoramus viciously turns on his EU masters who have the temerity , pre-election, to point out "the bleedin' obvious". What a popcorn moment!
However, as fuel and imported goods begin to add their burdensome weight to all that devalued printed paper, created through Quantative easing, (dulco-ease?) the light at the end of the tunnel is a massive Pacific locomotive. You and I, dear visitor, are tied to the track by the most incompetent bunch of wastrels in our nation's history. One tiny, tiny satisfaction is I knew Labour would be do this and I have fought against them. Sadly a very tiny cog in a huge wheel.
If you voted for them, my pity is tempered by your stupidity!
As for my header, I suggest Jimmy, through a haze of extra high dosages of largactil, will decide the polls are failing to be manipulated, bad news is only to get worse and a giveaway budget might well lose our financial credibility as a debtor. All these factors in mind he will choose to delay an election until June to do yet greater damage to an incoming Government. Scary or what!


  1. Sounds like "things can only get better" - for the Conservatives!!

  2. Gordon will declare war on Iceland and cancel the election.

  3. Anon, it's small enough for him to bully.