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Sunday, 28 March 2010

I'm Joining The News Of The World!

Here's Why.

Orwhelan by Ollie, from an idea by OldRightie.

The real truth behind Labour is their reliance on their income from The trade Unions. Blinky droned on about the bad old 70s and eighties on the Marr show, forgetting it was Maggie who drew the unions' teeth. Well, after 13 years,( so well encapsulated in the latest Tory poster campaign,, look where we are at. Of course, Peter Pederast and Jimmy's gang of inadequates won't use their taxi cab revenues to bail out their party. As for Blinky, I'm Labour and proud of it boast. When you are receiving, with the androgynous Mrs, a million quid of tax payers' dosh you can easily be whatever mood takes you. Well, I rather think PP's boasting today, about saving Snotty from falling off a cliff, is somewhat "Sheffield" moment like and premature.
One final, very important point. As yet another family loses one of The Nation's finest young soldiers and the death and terrible injuries rise, a report in The Independent purporting to be from a Foreign Office source, lambastes the terrible poverty of ability and capability of the Afghan Police. Remember this is a platform built by Snotty, Yellow Fruit Milliband and the other crooks in Labour for getting our troops out of harms way. One of the biggest reasons for joining the News of The World stance.
So, despite reservations and well blogged disillusionment over the last months, since last September, I shall refrain from any criticism that could make an atom of difference to booting the worst Government, biggest crooks and incompetents we have ever known, out of their undeserved opulent and corrupt power. Until post election this OldRightie will urge anyone with a genuine fear of a yet more Orwhelan future, to vote them out big time. Like it or not, to achieve this you have to vote Conservative. Do that and then seek to influence that Government. You might well have a better chance than ever this crowd.


  1. It's a tricky one for me, OR. My heart says UKIP but head says Cons for the reasons you've outlined. It's going to be a nail-biting finish!

  2. Not tricky for me at all. Tory 'til I die - and I agree with everything you've said. I may not like everything Dave & Co. do/intend to do . . .but I'd rather they were in 10 Downing Street 1st . . and THEN we can seek to influence!

  3. That's the argument of the day TTO. Do we risk a hung Parliament and a LibDem/Lab referendum on electoral reform or do we traditional Conservatives swing back, knowing that they have no intention of pulling back the state from our lives or pulling out of the EU? Ah, heck, maybe I think too much!

  4. No you don't GV. If DC screws up we can then do to him what we should do to Snotty.. No brainer? Maybe UKIP'S day will come but not in 2010.

  5. Heads the EU wins Tails the EU wins

    Bend your knee just a little lower

    "The conqueror is always a lover of peace; he would prefer to take over our country unopposed."
    - Karl von Clausewitz

    You are conquered without a shot being fired,accept it grow accustomed to it soon very soon it will not matter anymore

    Troilus and Cressida
    Act IV, Scene II

    To bed, to bed: sleep kill those pretty eyes,
    And give as soft attachment to thy senses
    As infants' empty of all thought!

  6. You are conquered without a shot being fired.

    Not until I'm dead, I'm not!

  7. Cameron: in thrall to the unions too

  8. Now what will happen once in power? This stuff is about keeping powder dry rather than lighting a fuse unnecessarily!