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Friday, 5 March 2010

I want to be a Dutchman!

Seems I'm Not Alone!

“The Dutch political system, based on consensus and co-operation, is coming apart at the seams,” noted NRC Handelsblad, Holland’s newspaper of record. Is it? Or are the Dutch people just fed up with being told they’re not allowed to criticise Muslim extremists because to do so is “Islamophobic”? As a defender of free speech, I don’t believe for one moment that the Koran ought to be banned. But if I was a member of the Dutch electorate I would vote for Geert Wilders’ party because I don’t think he deserves to go to jail for 16 months just for arguing that it should.

I totally loved my 12 months working in Holland for KLM. A tolerant and conservative people in the main, with a passionate pride in their own country. These developments mirror their feelings about the dismissal of their no vote on an EU Constitution and the manner in which Lisbon was substituted without any agreement from the people themselves. They may well lead the EU back to the original sly excuse of a trading block. Whatever, Wilders as PM will sure shake up The Bilderbergers and their Brussels lackeys.


  1. A refreshing change from the polls in The UK.

  2. When can we have the same thing happen here???

  3. Damn, this is the third time I've tried lol.

    Dave, we can have the same thing here when people get their heads out of the sand and start taking an interest on what's going on around them. Will they? Answers on a postage stamp.

    Great post OR. x

  4. I try my best to make others aware of the real state of play, but often get the feeling that I'm regarded as a bit crazy.....

    What's needed is for some of the clever people out there to divert their efforts from creating useless spam and other nasties, and start sending out mass emails with selected stories like this.

    Even better a total hijacking of the main TV stations ("V for Vendetta style)....

    Unfortunately most of the public are more interested in the latest marital status of Jordan & Peter Andre!

  5. Microdave, keep up the good work. Subrosa, thank you as ever!

  6. The nearest we have to Geert is Nick Griffin. If I have a BNP candidate I will vote for him.

  7. I suspect you will not be alone, Brigham.