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Wednesday, 10 March 2010

How Labour Wallow In The Gutter.

Smug As They Get.

"Joanna Lumley should speak out over the activities of lawyers advising Gurkha veterans who hope to settle in Britain. An inquiry has begun into claims that Gurkhas are being encouraged to donate money to veterans’ groups in Nepal which then refer them to UK solicitors. Kevan Jones, the Defence Minist er, told the Home Affairs Committee that some advice being given to veterans was misleading, encouraging them to expect homes to be provided when they arrive. He said that Lumley, who led the campaign that last year forced a policy U-turn, had failed to speak out now that problems had emerged. “Her deathly silence, frankly, irritates me,” he said."

Note the filth of the innuendo

and worship the greatness of

Labour in Government.


  1. Oh, yes, I forgot, the Gurkhas aren't illegal immigrants so they don't get homes provided.

    Did you see Brown's behaviour during PMQs and his juvenile gloating when he thought he'd overcome Cameron? Absolutely unbelievable from a PM.

  2. I did miss this latest round, Subrosa. What a hateful and despicable man. Surely the polls are wrong?

  3. Just how nasty can they get? And why can't they just leave some things alone?

  4. Big Government needs to be absolutely everywhere, Demetrius. Sheeples seem to like it.

  5. Fritz von stoffelbank10 March 2010 at 20:32

    Hague said that his party would seek to "maintain and value the bonds of our relationships" with other EU states.

    "The European Union is obviously an institution of enormous importance to the United Kingdom and its foreign policy," he said in his address to the Royal United Services Institute in London.

    "If we win the coming general election, it is our firm intention that a Conservative government will be active and activist in the European Union from day one, energetically engaging with our partners."

    He said that they would be "highly active" in promoting European cooperation on climate change, energy security, and pressing for freer and fairer global trade, as well as pushing for Turkey's membership of the EU.

    Hague also emphasised the potential of the EU 2020 strategy on jobs and growth to enhance Europe's competitiveness – "if we get it right".

    While the Tories had opposed the Lisbon treaty that created the new external action service – in effect an EU diplomatic service – Hague said that they now accepted its existence and would seek to work with it.

    Odd you ha ha ha hilarious what a chump YOU ARE A GERMAN NOW HAGUE WILL SEE TO THAT ha ha ha

  6. Welcome back fritz, don't mention the war!