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Monday, 15 March 2010

Following In The Footsteps Of History.

Propaganda And Obfuscation.

"Ed Balls has said claims in the Daily Mail this morning that he is looking to expand the number of people affected by the 50p tax band were "utter rubbish and garbage."

Well, of course he would say that wouldn't he? The amount of crap flying round designed to bolster this dreadful Government, beggars belief. More serious issues continue to escape our pathetic MSM. Fuel duty and car tax soar again in April, tax allowances stay frozen and the debt keeps rising. Not world wide this, Jimmy. Pure, unadulterated Labour Tax and Spend, Borrow and Beg socialism. Anything would be better than this.


  1. "including GPs and top-earning head teachers." - Ha Ha! - That might make them think twice when voting time comes.
    Hardly the way to treat some of your captive voters?

  2. I'm now paying £1.19 for diesel here. Am I the only one to complain?

  3. Subrosa, it sometimes feels that way but fuel strikes during an election campaign won't help Labour. We have a remote garage in Worcestershire at £1.23p per litre petrol. I tipped 2010 to see £1.50 and even higher. I suggest protests may kick in circa £2.00!

  4. They used to say a government that put petrol at £2 a gallon would lose an election - then they changed the means of measuring to litres, which looks cheaper, but you only get a jugfull for £1.

    Local to us unleaded price is £118.9/litre - which is £5.41/gallon