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Saturday, 13 March 2010

The Election Of Deceit.

Where To begin?

This is likely to become the new National Emblem of Britain. An expensive and posh logo hiding the poverty destined for those not happy to embrace the resurgent and now politicised union stranglehold. This rise to power, on the back of the financial largess of union members, given to Jimmy Snot and Bliar rabbit (ran away), is a very scary development. One only now emerging, as the union gives 25% of it's subscription funding to Labour in order to buy the dominance of us poor sheeple. A significant percentage of the rest of their income, from mugs daft enough to supply their hard earned cash, goes on fancy lifestyles and Dorchester trysts and debauchery for their oligarchs such as Simpson and Dromey. Mr Harperson and now shoe in MP trougher candidate. It really beggars belief that their members and the impoverished working and benefit ridden poor just cannot see the scams and confidence tricks used to keep them in the poverty of idleness and sloth they have come to enjoy. After all well off people with pensions and savings only vote Labour if they are employed by this scurrilous bunch of plotting deceitful, mendacious and thick bully boys. A gang that stretches from Downing Street all the way to the sink estates needed to shore up their core vote. Vote Labour, get Union Barons. If Dave and his lot had any gumption they would go all out to show this dreadful situation and hammer home that message. Your call, dear voter and let's hope you make the sensible one to be rid of Labour and their Union paymasters. They make Lord Ashcroft look a saint.


  1. Another crowd of unelected morons like Brown's position as PM. Still you know the old saying, "He who pays the piper....

  2. Oh OR, please don't get me started on unions. I've tried so hard, in my own posts, to be objective. It's taken a great deal of mental strength.

  3. Cameron is going to have to go on the attack very soon, OR, but not until 6th April, methinks, once Brown has asked the Queen for a dissolution and called the election.

  4. You got it in one. If Dave and his lot had any gumption! A quality they've either lost a while ago or more probably never had.

  5. Dl, maybe Spidey is correct and they are waiting for kick off. However I thought they would have a plan B over "Lisbon" and the only one I saw was a white flag!

  6. Cameron couldn´t fight his way out of a wet paper bag.

  7. Dave and the gang.
    Give us back some freedom(schhhh
    you know what)or buzz off

    Tory Activist 1959---(2010?)

    The Old Guard