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Sunday, 21 March 2010

Budget To Clobber The Rich?

That's You And Me.

It won't be the likes Hewitt, Hoon, Byers, Byrne, EDF's John Brown, aka Snotty's brother and certainly not that mega rich crook, Bliar. What a morning to wake up to a barrage of crooked Government with more statistical lies from Snotty himself. Now this budget will look a good old fashioned Labour mopping up of the dregs still drip, drip, dripping from the pockets of savers, those in work and those who have had the temerity to endeavour to look after themselves. The client state, imported poverty, the work-shy, strikers, union bosses et all will all be the immediate beneficiaries but only until the borrowing has dried up and the wealth creators are destitute. Then we shall all be in a state of equality. Poor, impoverished and destitute. Except for the crooks that have got us there, naturally. Vote Labour to get to journey's end more quickly. "Arbeit macht frei", that is.


  1. Wanna get rich? Screw the nation!

  2. Why did I set up England Left Forward?
    Mainly because I got fed up with the intransigence of the other members of the Left over the issue, and the hypocrisy in allowing three out of the four nations within the Union to have self-government whilst denying the same opportunity to the fourth

    Sitting on my bookshelf, next to "The Progressive Patriot" and "The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists", is my second-hand copy of Tony Benn and Andrew Hood's "Common Sense - A New Constitution for Britain" from 1993.

    The book contains a copy of The Commonwealth of Britian Bill from 1991 that Benn hoped would turn Britian into a "democratic, federal and secular commonwealth". In effect a republic with a written constitution, where England, Scotland and Wales would have their own national parliaments

  3. The hopes of the left that human nature is somehow always the same totally trashes left wing ideology. The left is never right.