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Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Budget Day.

Jam Today, Pain Tomorrow.

Let me explain. The electorate continue to believe the economy has miraculously recovered. Jobless figures are failing, inflation is only 3% and everything is just peachy. Or should that be rosy?The MSM and the BBC in particular, use OUR money to push the Labour Government line and help dupe everybody with dodgy statistics and downright lies about any Opposition statements or efforts by anybody to call them to account. So the "jam" will be a bit less on fuel duty for the moment, a stamp duty few will be able to cash in on and probably more unfunded and vote rigging little sweeties. The words "halve the deficit" will be trotted out as somehow meaning halving the DEBT, when it will actually mean further increases in our indebtedness but possibly at a slower rate. That is, we will borrow less on our credit card whilst the interest and capital debt will get ever larger. That is the pain for tomorrow. Today you are expected to swallow a lot more tax with your jam "sarnie", masked by the fruitiness of the jam. Glass of wine or beer, anyone? Sorry, can't afford it.

Still, with a one party state, who cares?

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