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Wednesday, 31 March 2010

As Labours' Confidence Grows...

Lies Abound.

As pointed out elsewhere, Snotty has been caught out yet again. Last week tax payer funded multi-million pound advertising to scare kids about the AGW scam, then further mendacity over police on our streets, (or not in reality) and today another mega brownie over immigration numbers. Add to this the fiddled inflation, bent growth figures and manipulated opinion pollsters and the list becomes immeasurable. How can any nation ever survive under this onslaught of immoral and corrupt, venal filth? The answer is it cannot unless with the brutality now becoming an accepted form of control by our police forces. Again as seen with this blatant criminal act by a police officer, caught on film, being found not guilty.
Remember this, all this truth slaying has multiplied exponentially since Bliar and Brown came to power. Never was the saying "power corrupts" more apt. I had considered the daily score for labour today being around 4/5. Now I give their image and lies a big fat zero. Time we gave the cretins a good kicking. Like it or not the only way is to vote Conservative. I also still want to know about Bliar's dodgy dealing and Snotty's access to his sibling over the EDF nuclear contracts. What we are able to glean is bad enough, just imagine that which we little people may never know.


  1. “Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.”?

    “Wrong. Something more subtle but far more pervasive: Power attracts the corruptible.”

    There's the real danger and that's what we've fallen into, politics has become a career rather than a vocation a honey trap for the corruptible with all the perks that go with it.

  2. Old snotty doesn't scare me!!!

  3. If only the Tories had a real Conservative at the helm, they'd be streets ahead by now, OR, landslide territory..... but unfortunately, Cameron is no Conservative!

  4. Never mind. Cheer up. In a few weeks we'll have honest Dave at the helm and it will be back to and decency, fair play and cricket and all that sort of stuff.

    That's what they teach 'em at Eton isn't it?

    Just like the last time the Tories were in. No greed, no crime, no bad things...And everyone could read and write... and count

    Guys, they are all the same. Crap. In it for themselves. None of them gives a shit about us.

    I suspect though, that second class travel on the railways may improve now that the lords and masters have to make use of it.

    Well that's something... I don't suppose we could persuade them to use ordinary people's hospitals could we.... then we might get cleaners.

  5. The justice system needs a good shake up too. As you say OR, for that policeman to get off with beating a defenceless woman is a disgrace.

  6. At least you can rely on Gordon, you always know that you cannot believe a word he says.

  7. Tris, like you I am a sceptic about how the human race is dominated by a few small number of people. However even a choice of the leser of two evils is a choice.

  8. Wrong wrong wrong about Sgt Smellie (police officer caught conducting A LAWFUL ACT in the conduct of his duty ie ENFORCING THE LAW) when smackhead Fisher refused to turn up in court. Go to Inspector Gadget's blog and on there you will get to know the reason that Sgt Smellie was conducting a LAWFUL act and was cleared. Even the judge said that his conduct was LAWFUL. Fisher assaulted him first. Why wasnt she charged with assault on a police officer?

  9. I meant to say ....and then smackhead Fisher refused to turn up in court.

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