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Saturday, 20 March 2010


When People Can't be Bothered.

Goodnight Vienna beat me to this article this morning so I refer anyone interested to visit. Well worth the effort.
Max Hastings makes the very valid point that our electorate are so drugged with selfishness and apathy, the worst Government in our history still looks to have a chance of retaining their abusive power. My argument is based on Germany and The Nazis who created the same blind obedience to corruption and power as to lull a Nation into following the path to horror we now seem hell bent on following blindly.
Those excellent words by Edmund Burke, "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing" ring so true.
Is this too much? Over the top? Well, let us consider some facts from Labours' Britain, 2010. Whilst Union Leaders enjoy a lifestyle of Dorchester suites and champagne, kids starve or kill each other. Whilst ministers travel uber first class, socialist appointed social workers preside over the sink estate bedlam of poverty and slums. Whilst public sector non-jobs thrive together with trillions of pounds of ever growing pension debt for the rest of us, the elderly are forced to flog their hard earned houses for basic care. I could go on all day. Suffice it to say the grip on our lives gets ever tighter and there is little sign of any hope for the future. Part of me is resigned to a Labour continuation in power and the complete dominance of our future by their paymasters, The Trade Unions. Organisations hijacked by the brutish and the ignorant bully boys of socialism. Which puts me right back where I began, 1930s Germany. Of all the characters, in what passes for a Nation, the MSM are probably the most guilty for it is their smug arrogance that manages to suppress all stirrings of discontent with endless pages of window licking WAG and sport rubbish. Wake up Britain before you are forced to end up as in the picture above. History is so often repeated.


  1. It does begin to look as if you are right in this post.

  2. What really grips my shit is the sheer hypocricy of these "socialists".

    Blair, the Kinnock shits - so many of them who want "equality" for all, are just sheer greedy shits.

    How the fuck ANYONE can vote Labour, for this reason alone, is beyond me.

    WAKE UP!

  3. Captain Haddock20 March 2010 at 18:06

    Even when its explained to them, in simple, easy to comprehend terms .. they'll still vote Socialist ..

    Which simply goes to prove that they're all totally brain stem dead ..

    A friend of mine (retired Teacher, former NUT Rep) is a classic case ...

  4. Between 1997 and 2007, 2,311 hospital patients died from malnutrition and the effects of hunger. Starving people to death and 1000s dead from infectious disease (mrsa & C. diff) - Labour's NHS death camps aren't much different from Nazi death camps where most died from starvation and infectious disease (typhus).

  5. Split the country up, blues England, the reds can have Wales and shove the rest overboard.

  6. The NHS is just a parking lot for Labour placements to hose cash everywhere but patient care. Lorenzo, don't the Welsh already have the reds?

  7. Funny, I knew a couple of Germans who grew up in 1930s Germany. They said it was the best time of their lives, they missed it greatly. Everybody had respect for each other, everybody had great pride in their now prosperous country.
    Granted, Adolf may have had a screw loose but his socialism was far different from the socialism we have here. There is no respect for anything in this country anymore. At least I buy British not like you lot who think the Tories will save the day then go out and buy your cars from a factory set up by your old friend Adolf.
    And how many in the picture above were killed by typhus when the Americans intervened?
    History may repeat itself but which version are you looking at? You talk about the MSM being the culprits but you seem all to ready to believe their version of history. Amazing.