Such a prescient, beautiful sentiment.

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Anyone Spot The Difference?

One Is From Orwell's 1984, The Other The Labour Party Donor

Hard to know which is the ugliest and I don't mean to look at, either. How prescient was Orwell about his own socialist doubts. If Liebour were to rig an election win in the next 48 days (yup, as soon as this if May 6th!) then my dream of a final few years under a freedom loving state will be dashed and I might well be forced to undergo re-education. That is formal brainwashing so beloved of this despicable Government that allows themselves to be bought by a man such as this. The only OK thing is that I am fairly certain this guy is not fond of PP's predilections in any shape or form, as far as I know!
I was most amused at R4's piss poor attempt at further boring Ashcroft crap today only to discover that everything Liebour have been screaming about was fully agreed by Blair and Downing Street. So if concerned about the guy, why not have demanded Phony speak up as to the status at the time? Prid pro quo most likely! I wonder who Liebour slipped through around that time?


  1. You have posted in the past about "Common Purpose" and this looks ever more the case. Does that mean a war between Bilderbergers and Socialists?

  2. On the whole,I prefer Winston Smith.

  3. Most people would, Demetrius!