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Wednesday, 17 March 2010

All Is Not Well In Bunker Street!

Fixer Pete Begins To Struggle!

Pete P. shows his real feelings for Snotty?

It is possible that The BA strike issue has become the largest torpedo yet to score a hit on this despicable crowd of mendacious charlatans. I say this because it appears to have ignited internal battles of some magnitude within the sack these ferrets inhabit. Check out the Times link
to see how vicious their own arguments are getting. There is a hint here of great upheaval within the inner circle of Pederast House. Little time for electioneering when your own rear is being threatened with unwelcome Union attention. I suspect Charlie Whelan is looking to oust our Pete in revenge for past unpleasantness. What's that old saying? "What goes around...."
Now I have a problem with this. I hate the unions and PP equally for their passion to rob and control my life. So if I had to choose which side in this war to support, which would it be?
The great thing is I don't. Pass the popcorn!!


  1. Aye OR, it's a battle for the heart of the labour party. Lots of opinion running round the blogosphere.

    Thank you for the cross-post. xx

  2. Heart? They don't have such a thing, Subrosa. As proven in Glasgow.

  3. Captain Haddock17 March 2010 at 18:56

    Even "fixer" Pete can't fix McSnot's bowel problem ..

  4. I thought Mandleson looked dreadful on the News tonight. Seems its all catching up with him.GOOD!!!!

  5. Indeed, CH, he's reported to have major BO problems from all his lying! Anon, I do hope you are right!

  6. Captain Haddock18 March 2010 at 20:04

    Personally, I hope the bastard has AIDS ...