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Saturday, 13 February 2010

You Are Going ToPay.

We Are All In This Together?

Unless you are a politician or a bureaucrat. 20% VAT is coming very soon. Maybe even in a March budget. Income tax is not yet mentioned, so possibly a behind closed doors pact between the parties. Now it's Government and Labour that has led us into this mess. Bugger world wide, it's our Labour Government following everybody else in buying or importing votes that is the issue. green taxes will be squandered just like every penny paid by us is pissed up the wall. A once OK Conservative effort in the mid-nineties got us, thanks to OUR tax paying, into good shape. After that Snotty got his incompetent hands on the Treasury. Suddenly, reserves were sold off cheaply and a social revolution began. A policy of wealth distribution that has bankrupted all of us and reduced poverty not one jot only spread poverty to the elderly and the disadvantaged. Hardly anybody outside of government jobs now have worthwhile pension savings. What a nightmare future. The Politicians answer? More of the same. Disgraceful and stupid. We need Trident scrapped, 2 million unnecessary public workers sacked and 10 years of rebuilding manufacturing and the absorption of those unemployed into PRODUCTIVE jobs. Tough but then we might feel we are all in it together. George Osborne are you there?


  1. George may be there OR but will he do something so necessary and radical? I doubt it.

  2. Judging by the fudges and gaffes of the last week or two, Cameron won't allow Osborne to do anything radical - at least not until after the election.

  3. Who is the well-fed, warmly- dressed person in the photo and what does it have to do with the text? Got fed up with looking for Google images and reading the Daily Mail, OR?