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Sunday, 28 February 2010

You and Me.

No pictures, no effort to connect. I am a middle aged guy with an unremarkable history, in some ways, an amazing one, in others just very average. Help me get back hope before I die. Hope for a change for the better. Hope for a fairer world where people who really try to do well succeed and idle, feckless, cruel shits fail.


  1. Closet England Lover1 March 2010 at 00:13

    By 'success' do you mean the mindless acquisition of inedible property, and a tidal flow of credit and endless new, Chinese-manufactured toys? And what do you mean by 'idle, feckless, cruel shits'?

    'Help me get back hope before I die': hope of what? Profit? A shoe-box apartment beside some Portuguese golf course? What is 'a change for the better'?

    I am not, for an instant, having a pop at you, and I do have the most genuine reasons for firing questions at you. I should be most interested to learn what you feel would make you successful, and what changes you would most like to see. You strike me as an intelligent, articulate and experienced character, with views which may represent many more of us than you imagine.

  2. If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face— forever.

    From George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four.

  3. Thank you kindly for your responses. As for questions from CEL.
    Success is close to my achievement and is a safe old age to enjoy all the work and massive taxation I have and still do contribute. It is friendship, family and a secure, peaceful world not dominated by the greed of humanity. Perhaps a world with fewer but happier people. As for credit, I loathe and detest debt and the "buy today pay tomorrow" so beloved of Labour. As for the shoe box. No thanks I have this lovely home, easily visited on the web with a bit of effort. A home close to nature and the countryside. Change for the better is definitely folk living where their roots belong, less Government and more genuine freedom. Dare I say a world where home really is home not some poverty stricken corner of a Soviet style EU. As for the idle and feckless, watch here!

    1 March 2010 09:37

  4. Success is having what you want provided for solely by the efforts and ingenuity of you and your family. If people want more than they have then the government has only one role: stay out of the way.

  5. Closet England Lover1 March 2010 at 12:05

    Old Rightie: You appear to be suggesting that what would make you feel happy and successful is autonomy and the achievement of realistic personal goals, and that material wealth takes second place. That a happy, healthy family, peace and quiet, and social cohesion (the real thing!) are more important to you than materialism. You give me hope simply by expressing these views, and should take hope yourself by knowing that many others, perhaps the large majority of us, have the same views. What we are not doing is communicating them honestly to others. The lobotomy box in the corners of our living rooms, the slow-but-sure destruction of social hubs, and the drug of consumerism are seeing to that.

    Many bloggers are already fighting back, and if all I can do is join you all, discussing the sort of replicated findings from psychology and archaeology that are being kept out of punlic view, I shall find myself in honourable company. No walking in the woods, now! Please don't give up hope: that is exactly what they want.

    Once I get going, your views would be most welcome. If we do not soon begin to communicate openly and intelligently, finding ways out of the mess we are in, our children and grandchildren are going to pay very dearly for our lapse.

  6. Jim, CEL, again thank you. "If we do not soon begin to communicate openly and intelligently, finding ways out of the mess we are in, our children and grandchildren are going to pay very dearly for our lapse."
    We have a very tough ask!

  7. Hi, Killem, congrats on your overseas work. As for what's occurrin' we are still sinking in Labours' and Snotty's quicksand.

  8. I read today that Layber may be in or another five years.

    Has Cameron raped a nun, or something?

    Ye Gods.