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Friday, 12 February 2010

Who Says Lives Can't Be Costed?

Reasons To Change Governments Part 1

I have become curious as to the devious con tricks operated by Government. When Snotty and his crew speak of "The Special Reserve" used to fund wars I had some naive belief that somehow this was that little bit of gold reserve our Jimmy had up his nose available to be excavated when needed. My amateur research has discovered this just is not so. In the docs. below we see that this "reserve" is just a set aside amount of your tax money on an annual basis. Also shown in the docs. is how all this loot is not spent transparently, unlike in America. So even the figures unearthed are dubious. Now our Snotty PM has created £200 billion quids worth of debt to fund his profligacy. Of this I wager these reserves, added to other defense expenditure, are a good 40% of this mill stone round our necks. Or a mere £80 billion. Now whether this is kosher research or not it is a scandal of gigantic proportions and yet no opposition voice seems ready to attack this except perhaps the LimpDems. That is also a great scandal and probable collusion. Without these wars and a sustainable population in this Country we would be very much better off. Madness at the very top of power and now the subject of a plethora of confirmation. Maddest of all are we sheeples for putting up with it. Oldrightie's manifesto; closed borders, EU departure, troops home, Socialism and Labour outlawed! Why? Can't afford it.

"The financial costs of a war may not be the first consideration. War brings many costs, foremost in lives lost and damaged. However, the decision to involve the UK in the invasion of Iraq had substantial implications for UK public spending. Money spent on the Iraq war and wider war on terror represents significant diversions from other government budgets. The lack of transparency in the UK finances is in contrast to the US, where all budgetary proposals must be scrutinised by Congress. Comprehensive information about US military spending is available and has contributed to considerable public debate. The sums spent by the US government are many times those of the UK, and there are a number of projects aimed at publicising the scale of US war spending (e.g. "

The Special Reserve
The 2002 Pre-Budget Report set aside £1 billion to enable the armed forces to prepare for the coming invasion of Iraq.2 By the time of the Budget in March 2003, UK forces were in Iraq. The Chancellor increased the amount to £3 billion and it became known as "the Special Reserve." In the 2003 Pre-Budget Report another £500 million was added for financial year 2003-04 and a further £300 million for 2004-05; bringing the total up to £3.8 billion.4 While there was no increase in the 2004 Budget Report, another £520 million for 2004-05 was announced in the Pre-Budget Report of December that year.5 The 2005 Budget Report included a further £340 million for 2004-05 and £400 million for 2005-066, whilst the 2005 Pre-Budget Report included another £580 million7. The 2006 Budget report allocated £800 million for operations in 2006-078 and this was followed by £600 million in the 2006 Pre-Budget Report. Most recently, the 2007 Budget allocated a further 400million for 2007-08. Thus, to date, (March 2007) the total amount allocated to the Special Reserve is £7.44 billion.

Afghanistan Costs.
As of January 2009, £5.404billion and suspected to be plus 4,5 billion 2009-2010. Iraq £9 billion. . Estimated and actual costs to date, £18.9 billion. (Way above any "reserves" real or imagined.)

Conflict initiated: March 2003 Casualty data analysed to: July 31st 2009 UK military fatalities: 179 Reported UK military casualties: 5,970 .Total UK casualties: not released by MOD

Duration of war: 8 years, 3 months, Troops in theatre: 9,500 UK military fatalities: 257 Casualty data analysed to: Dec 31 st 2009UK military casualties in 2007: 1442UK military casualties in 2008: 1857UK military casualties in 2009: 2646* Total UK casualties: not released by MOD.

Torture and Secrets now the hallmark of Britain.


  1. Everything but everything Brown/Blair and Labour have done has just plain failed. The cost is probably never to be paid back. I hate them I really do.

  2. I came here as an immigrant many years ago & loved the country, the Queen, the people, the tolerence, the sense of fair play. Since 1997 that has all gone downhill. My work pension - which I had worked very hard for, has been raped by Brown. My private pension was with Equitable Life & although the Govt. Ombudsman has judged that the FSA were at fault over the EL failure & therefore the govt is liable to pay damages to the policyholders, Brown is refusing to do that. I was really proud of my British passport & my citizenship. Now we are no longer free in this, our own country. There is no punishment bad enough for Gordon Brown & all the Labour MPs since 1997 - I just hope that my belief in karma is justified & that they will be paid back for their evil ways.

  3. Anon 2013
    John McFall chaired the committee that investigated the Equitable Life scandal. After many years of waffle he managed to kick it into the long grass. That's why he was used for the investigation into the collapse of RBS, HBOS etc.
    It's all a game to them.

  4. I'm being told your blog doesn't exist if I link to your Galloway post in my readers OR. Maybe it's just a blip.

  5. Blair and Brown have wrecked my country. The land my grandfathers fought for in WW2; the freedoms they risked their lives for. . . the whole lot's gone up in smoke. I really dont know a way out OR . . .and it makes me very, very sad :-(

  6. Subrosa,my blog often throws up these anomalies. Perhaps someone doesn't like my work?

  7. TTO, my prayer is that David Cameron will be a great and historic PM. Even from such a low bar as set by Brown.

  8. Anonymous said... 2013

    You embraced what was and have been exposed to what we have become. A heartwarming post and may God right those wrongs. I know also how much this Labour Party and Brown has wrecked pensions. I am one of those badly hurt when it was too late to do much about it.

  9. Good post, OR, these republican scum, traitors to Queen and Country make me sick and ought to be tried for treason.

    Looks like I'm back in business, btw. ;-)