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Friday, 26 February 2010

Tory Failure.

An Open Letter To Mr. Cameron.

Dear Mr Cameron,
I was, until September of 2009, a passionate Tory activist. I defended loyally much I was unhappy about. After all what good is passion without power. As the MPs' expenses scandal unfolded I began to lose heart and logically, strength. My one remaining hope was that you had a cunning plan B when The Lisbon treason treaty was ratified. You had nought but vague and weak piffle that exposed, painfully, a dreadful weakness in strategic planning.
Since that time Conservative local constituency parties have been steadily throttled, my own a glaring example. Also a dangerous decline in support by a battered and bruised nation has followed this "cast iron" failure.
Now we face a meltdown in personal financial conditions never ever experienced in history and likely to be even more disastrous with a hung parliament. A mentally deranged man is our Prime Minister. A bully and a coward. Yet your stance lacks any vision for getting rid of him and his army of dysfunctional incompetents.
Out here is a hunger for revenge on Labour. You offer a mirror image of that scoundrel, Blair. Your applauding of his departure was despicable.
Now we are all stranded in the rubble of Labours' 13 years of "power at all costs" Holocaust. You walk around we badly wounded victims offering nought but weak, cold tea when we crave a hefty shot of brandy and fire in our belly.
The tiny success ever had in UK education, was grammar schools, you drop support. We discover Iraq was illegal and we and you were conned by your hero, Phony. We want out of Afghanistan you offer "more of the same". Climate change is a lie and a political ponzi scheme.You embrace it totally and agree CO2 trading scams. Pension fund theft by Government is a scandal that will haunt us long after I am dead, you offer zilch reform or even hope.
I have often doubted opinion poll numbers and still believe the grip on all our institutions by the left and Labour is frighteningly deep. If they can easily rig elections and lose registers, fiddling poll numbers ought to be quite easy. However, I still see little energy from The Conservative leadership to challenge the mess created. Week after week PMQs delivers the frustration that is driving many people to despair. How many open goals will it take to score a decisive point? Seemingly none. That or there is a gaping hole in the net. Still, at least Mr Osborne appears to have sewing skills. You might do worse than follow his instinct. Yours at the moment is woefully lacking.


P.S. The Conservatives will fight the coming general election under the slogan "vote for change", the party has revealed on the eve of its spring conference.

It's not change we need it's a "return to basics". A well vilified, therefore correct, requirement!


  1. Spot on, OR. Hope they do something about this in Brighton.

  2. Hi, Brian, thank you. This was actually "live" at 10;12 so you are the fastest ever respondent, to date, on Oldrightie!! Can't afford a prize, I'm afraid!

  3. Bloody well said OR. I am, by nature, a Conservative, but I'm beginning to despair. I, and thousands of others like me, want a return to 'Conservative values'. What do we get? Hogwash and left wing cant.

    I'm seriously thinking about voting UKIP and a plague on Cameron's house.

  4. I think all "us" Conservatives are beginning to despair. I'm going to vote UKIP. It will be the first time I have not voted Tory since I was 18.

  5. There's a letter in the Mail today saying pretty much the same thing, from FORMER TORY MP Delwyn Williams.....

  6. Cato thank you for gracing my blog with your eminence! Sue, I see little choice but to do the same. MicroDave, (not micro in my book!) great minds but not in my case!

  7. I regret to say are absolutely spot-on! What bloody hope have we got now?

  8. Super post OR. But because of the voting system, don't you think by voting UKIP you will be letting Brown back in the back door?

    Mind you, in many ways that may not be a bad thing in the long run, although we wont' benefit OR. The water should hit the pan in the next 12 months and who better than Brown to take the flack for it?

    If I lived in certain parts of England I may be tempted to vote UKIP too.

    Cameron's relied upon his grassroots far too much and I know they're unhappy here. They feel used.

  9. Whoever wins the election will have to make savage cuts, will become deeply unpopular and probably have to go to the country again within a year.

    Cameron either isn't listening or actually doesn't want to win this election, and I can't say I blame him.

    I intend to vote Conservative for no other reason than to eject this woeful Labour government, and I know many people who feel the same.

    The irony is that, whilst Brown wanted to be PM but was never elected, Cameron may not want to be PM just yet but may not be able to avoid being elected!

  10. Cast iron Cameron should defect to Labour and take Ken Clarke with him.

  11. We have now the situation which I have long predicted, three parties trying to LOSE the election without appearng to do so. All the post war babyboomers will be holding out their hands from 2010 onward and there aint no money, add that to the rest of this shambles of country, who would want the job of trying to clear this lot?

  12. Hear, hear.

    As a life-long Conservative voter I'm now in despair at finding a true conservative to vote for this time around. CallMeDave is so far from being a conservative as to be infringing the Trades Description Act or the Advertising Standards laws.

    It doesnt make much difference what I do anyway as the MP has a massive majority and will be back at the trough whatever happens.

    For the first time ever I may just abstain.

    A plague on all their houses.

  13. Also galling is the jollity of the Tory front bench at PMQs whenever DC manages a 'joke' at Brown's expense. They're still in the Oxford Union, all in it together really, behind the scenes, playing up and playing the game with a bit of knockabout, united in their contempt for the intelligence of the electorate. The Tories are facing a bunch of traitors to their country led by an utterly malevolent psychiatric case and they think giving them a bit of a ribbing is a hoot. What is so funny? Whats is so damned funny? Where is the outrage?

  14. @ Jim Baxter

    There is no outrage, there is no effort, just as there has been no effective opposition all the time Labour have been in power.

    Cameron is presented with open goal after open goal but he simply can't be bothered to score.

    As many others have said, Labour and Conservative are just two cheeks of the same arse.

    Brown definitely deserves to lose the election but Cameron certainly doesn't deserve to win it.

  15. One meme from this discussion so far is how dreadful is the mess we are in and how poor the response from our discredited political class. Richard North has a similar post to mine but rather more personal, about Cameron. I reserve vitriol for Jimmy Snot and disappointment for Tory brand.

  16. It is looking ugly at present. DC needs to be out and about and leading from the front.

  17. @ O.R. - 365kg MTOW - I'm saying no more....

  18. Microdave,I'm usually crap at cryptic clues but I get this one! I just wish I had a reason to doubt the MTOW! I voted for DD and now wonder if he was the better choice?

  19. Cameron should never have had the job in the first place, OR, we can thank Michael Howard for lumbering us with him - he's the one who actually wanted him!

    I have the distinct impression that David Davis was ordered to throw the 2005 leadership contest - I never heard him make such a bollocks of a speech either before or after that stitch-up!

  20. Spidey, I heard DD speak at Ludlow and was very impressed. Maybe it's not too late! I also remain a fan of G.O!

  21. Within an hour of Cameron's back-peddling on the Lisbon Treaty referendum I was a fully subscribed member of UKIP. It will now take an awful lot to shift me from this position. For forty+ years I have voted Tory, but as others here say we have a Phony Tony cloney in DC.

  22. There are a lot of "Bobs" DC has turned his back on. The result is not pretty for Brits.!"