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Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Support Christine Pratt!

Support Christine Pratt! This brave woman was rightly incensed by Mandy's complete TV denial of Brown's behaviour. Here she stood, able to correct just one of Labour's billions of lies. She had the information that could shed a little light on a big fat fib. What makes her use of this information ethical is that it's in the public interest. What happens in the PM's office is of national interest, they are exempt from any kind of protection from whistle-blowing. The public need to know if their elected leaders are busy giving a thick ear to their typists or note takers. The National Bullying Helpline has lost a load of patrons who wobbled at Christine's stand for truth. Well they weren't worth having anyway. I am sure the charity will find a tonne of people who aren't too gutless to stand up for what they believe in.
Don't let a decent charity go under simply for the sake of Broon's revenge. Sure they're all out to get Mrs Pratt now and inevitably bring the charity to an end. What kind of signal does this send about bullying? Just watch as Labour confirm the behaviour that caused the original calls to the helpline in the first place!


  1. Quite. What Mandy and the rest of the cronies forget is that had they not lied about the bullying taking place at No. 10, then Christine Pratt wouldn't have had to go public and contradict them -- that's what her beef is about, the fact that well-known public officials are denying that a problem exists when one does.

  2. I support her to a degree, but I do feel she gave out too much information like saying downloads from her site were made etc.

    On her site she says no information will be used without the client's prior approval. Whether she checked with her 'No 10 clients' before we went public I don't know. If she did and they gave their approval, then she should get support from us all.

  3. Er... all the patrons have resigned (very smart on their part), and the whole thing stinks.

    This so-called charity is simply a front for a business operation owned by Christine Pratt's husband. Callers to her helpline are referred to this commercial concern, which purports to be an bullying investigative and mediation service. They are then emailed a model letter to send to their employer urging them to contract the services of the Pratt's family business. The business then contacts the employer to offer its services, TELLING THE EMPLOYER THAT MANY BULLYING CLAIMS ARE VEXATIOUS!!!

    So a bullying victim calls a confidential helpline and is tricked into acting as an unpaid saleman for a private business, which in turn then contacts the victim's employer, who presumerably buys their services because they hope to discredit and possibly fire the alleged victim.

    There is a four letter word for this sort of unethical activity. It begins with the letter S.

    Incidentally, there is no evidence except Christine Pratt's word that any staff from Downing Street ever called the helpline. Pratt was backtracking yesterday and was forced to admit that contrary to the impression she had given earlier, no callers had complained about Gordon Brown.

    If Pratt is telling the truth, then she breached confidentiality. If not...

  4. Laughing Labour Boy23 February 2010 at 18:26

    Apparently a number of Conservative MP have been supporting the Pratt all along(so Mrs Pratt has stated)
    In contradiction to What the conservative party have been saying.

    Oh! Dearie me not looking good for the conservatives is it,,,,ha ha ha

  5. The problem she will have is the media is in liebours pocket, all day yesterday only getting the lies from liebour.
    She now will be subject to liebour bulling herself , I guess everyone has forgotten how the bullied that 84 year old at their conference a few years ago.

  6. Yes, remember Walter Wolfgang being thrown out of the Labour Party Conference under anti-terror legislation. I am less concerned about the Pratt's business circumstances and wonder whether this is just a Labour attempt to smear them. As long as the calls were made and were genuine, Broon has something to answer for. Large swathes of the Labour party have always been full of thugs, they've just turned from fists to words.

  7. The Labour spin attack dog machine is fuelled with excrement. The time has come when their bull shit is no longer believed. Just check out the mauling Testicles got on TV this morning. Virtually called a liar himself. Oh dear and an election just round the corner!

  8. And now, the beauty of it is that the whole shitheap that Brown and his gutless minions have created has been given a good kick up the arse!

    Max Clifford is now involved and has come forward to protect Christine Pratt... free of charge, (I like this guy more all the time), he also has access to the letters she talked about and I imagine that Brown and his Lefty, bully-boy twats will beat a hasty retreat when the results of Clifford's investigations are made public! ;-)

  9. Gotta love Clifford when he's on the right side of the line. He's like a relentless rottweiler who doesn't let go of a good story!

  10. It's now approaching a month since Christine Pratt broke cover.

    Where is her evidence? Nowhere, it seems....

    Time to check the following blog - which predates the recent revelations by a good 6 months. The woman is a criminal and needs fully exposing and bringing before a judge:

  11. Well, Old Rightie? Did you read the above link to

    You've gone very very quiet. As has Christine Pratt. As have the Charities Commission who are supposed to be doing an urgent investigation into her operation.

    But I won't forget and will be asking some searching questions very soon.