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Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Snotty's On A Roll?

Voting Reform/Rigging.

This sack of you know what is looking to complete his buggering of The Nation. What are the chances that having fiddled with Clegg, (pun intended) to get a parliamentary vote for AV he will then spin it as a good thing to have an EU style referendum before May or the impending election?. This Commons vote today seems to be in undue haste for a post election change so I rather think Jimmy will be tempted to push it straight away. Here's a taste of the potential spin.

"Gordon Brown has announced that the parliamentary victory on the 9th of February offers an overwhelming case for an immediate referendum to put this reform in place in time for the forthcoming election. Said The Prime Mentalist, "This House is rightly vilified by the public for the scandals and shameful behaviour of some MPs. I am certain that this reform is what the people want, they want it now and they should have it now. The House has spoken, let the people speak. I have decided this should happen as soon as possible and an election be called as soon as I have the referendum mandate of The British people."

Translation: "With opinion polls at the present level, I can get an overwhelming majority under this system. It's best for me, The Labour Party and my elite ruling junta and my legacy as the man who changed Britain for ever into a Cuban State."


A near deserted House too busy boozing rather than attend what ought to be a very important debate. Unbelievable!


  1. I hope you are wrong, I really do.

  2. Hopefully, on a roll off a very high cliff.

  3. Nothing to add to that OR. A succinct and accrate analysis of what these scumbags are attempting in their frantic last days. As has been noted before, and by you, a vicious regime gets more vicious in its death throes.

    And some sections of the electorate get more viscous, it seems.

  4. Any Voting system which keeps out the conservatives is the right one.

    Anyway we have the E.U to slap down any conservative laws we will just introduce more socialism via EUROPE.

    we vote we win
    you vote we win
    you dont vote we win
    postal a vote we win
    every vote a winner for Labour

  5. Every vote a winner for Labour and a loser for Britain.

  6. It only matters if you believe that it makes a difference who rules us.

    If a referendum is called, I will vote no to change. But that is only a spite vote against the monster Brown. That's all.

  7. It only matters if you believe that it makes a difference who rules us.

    Indeed, Edgar and most people with a brain not plugged permanently into totalitarism and soaps, do care.

  8. I wonder why we can't have a referendum on the EU?

    Strange one eh?