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Sunday, 28 February 2010

Post Saddam Iraq.

What We have Paid For?

Not me, Guv.

"THE slaughter of the al-Kaabi family last week horrified Iraqis who had prayed that the parliamentary elections next Sunday would be free from political violence.
Eight-year-old Ahmed was found hanging from a ceiling fan, blood dripping from slashed wrists tied behind his back. Little Rafel, her throat cut, was still in the purple and pink T-shirt she had worn to bed. The killers had gunned down Hussein al-Kaabi, 46, the children’s father, when he opened the front door last Monday night. They then appear to have gone methodically through the house in the Al-Wehdah district in southern Baghdad, knifing his wife and six children, some of them as they slept.Their mother, Widad, 36, was pregnant when she was shot and butchered. Family members said she appeared to have been running to help her husband.
Relatives said the only crime committed by Hussein, a guard for a wealthy farmer, was to have been hanging posters for Entifadh Qanbar, a candidate standing for the Shiite Iraqi National Alliance."

So the Great British people have declared to YouGov they are desperate for more of this pair of shysters. This was kept off the headlines was it not? Dear Lord in Heaven how and why do these kinds of monsters escape justice?


  1. Terrifying return to how it all began. Then there is Afghanistan and Northern Ireland and.........

  2. My dear OR, you have to recognise our politicans now have little conscience (see Liam Fox's behaviour on Newsnight on Monday).

    The Tories reiterate labour's views on Afghanistan, more or less word for word. And for Bob Ainsworth he must have thought all his Christmases had come at once.

    Shame on the tories that they won't explain to the public the real truth about Afghanistan even though it doesn't put them in too good a light. It certainly puts labour in the darkness.