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Sunday, 28 February 2010

Post Election?

A Madman Returns To Complete His destruction?

Brown celebrates his return to No.10 and a mandate to abolish The Monarchy and complete the sovietisation of The UK Federal European State. A YouGov poll shows a paltry and easily overturned 2% lead for the fairy cake opposition.
However it then transpires that a Tory leaning director has left this polling outfit and Baroness Ashton's, (Brown's poodle in Brussels), Hubby, Peter "Labour to the core" Kellner has overhauled his polling methodology. Still if Snotty had a momentary flash of drug fuelled sense he would call an election and either get a fair result or another fiddled poll. Now if you doubt my depressed invoked logic browse here.

Now my post on Friday proves my credibility for believing Cameron has lost his way but my claims that Labour are powerful enough to rig opinion polls is also well documented on this blog. I stand by that and really believe that either the electorate is every bit as thick as to not realise what has been done to them or so hooked on a benefit and client state culture as to keep this cretinous shower led by an imbecilic madman in place. Well if they steal the next election there will be a massive exodus of refugees from the carnage that ensues. I hope to be among the first to get on the boat. I'm tired and frustrated at the undemocratic power of Socialism and have fought vainly my whole life against it and the damage wrought, seemingly to no avail.
One last thought, is this why The BBC urged their political staff to remain at home this weekend and is this the scam to try wreck the Tory gathering in Brighton?


  1. Morning OR. As well as the tories losing so much with Yougov, the SNP have also lost around 13%.

    I don't understand all this weighing but I think this present poll should be ignored.

  2. Hi, Subrosa. I believe the SNP shrinkage points to significant manipulation. Sadly this may well be the case in a General Election.

  3. Fear not polls, if Labour is returned, standy by for a coup!