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Monday, 1 February 2010

Poll Result.

Does The Afghan War keep our streets safe?

It is not my habit to post on a tiny little OR poll, just closed. However 127 votes cast produced 93% for "No" and only 8% "Yes". It so reminds me of the dreadful and playground antics of our politicians whilst the voices of the majority are just ignored. Climate scams are blazed across the ether, nothing but more hubris from our so called leaders.

Cameron struggles to get an alternative narrative across. Yet when he mentioned interest rates comparable to Greece he was so out of touch with the likes of Skipton who hiked theirs to BoE plus 4.7% due to uncompetitive pressure from state owned banks. What happens when, as they will, BoE rates soar to 4.5%? That will produce mortgages at circa 10%! A scandal our so called opposition is unaware of?

We, the majority, dread more of Jimmy "Snot" Brown and his cohorts of evil. Yet day in day out Tories offer us bugger all. We have to vote Tory to be rid of Brown. Even then it may not produce more than a hung Parliament. A result the MSM are salivating over. What is it about the Country that so slams majority feeling for Socialist dogma and rule? I despair but hold one small glimmer of hope.

The MAJORITY will sweep Labour away and wreck the MSM with them, BBC especially. I want this to happen with a caveat to Cameron. "It happened to them it can happen to you!"

P.S. In my latest poll I have used Labour polling methodology!


  1. A hung parliament.

    A nice image, but are there enough lampposts nearby? Should we petition Westminster council for more?

  2. Hello, OR. I voted 'Yes, I'm a twat'. Partly because I am, as you know, very humble and have no pretensions to untwattery but also partly because Mr Call-Me-Denier still hasn't re-U-turned on the EU referendum thingy.

    No logic in that at all, I agree, but isn't that exactly how we are supposed to be forming our opinions these days?

  3. The reason is that large swathes of the electorate have put their faith in the state - for jobs, patronage and to help them feel safe. And even though these people are unhappy and enslaved they figure that labour will look after them better than the Tories.

    It is a desperate situation. It is as if collectively, we have lost that spark, that life force - we are dying on our feet (or enough of us are). And of course the worse things are, then the more scared and defensive people will get and Labour will seem even more to be their best hope.

  4. Of course the "Afghan" War doesn't keep our streets safe ..

    It merely ensures that our Military Forces are occupied elsewhere, whilst ZaNuLiebore dismantles the Nation & its historic institutions .. with no-one to stop them ..

  5. Edgar, you do yourself a disservice! Leg-Iron, yes, more lamp posts, please. Grumpy Optimist, it is despairing and you highlight one of my big fears as shown by the image. First subdue then dictate. Captain H, scary but listening to Clare Short, quite possible!